Sony Ericsson Hazel review: Earth, wind, green heart

20 May 2010
Long-time Sony Ericsson users may find the Hazel the perfect cure for nostalgia. Monster gadgets like the Vivaz and the XPERIA X10 are trusted to get the brand back on track. But for all we know, it takes a good old-fashioned slider to rekindle the romance...

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This phone not having a microUSB port, according to GSMArena, isn't "exactly eco-friendly". Oh wow...this is a feature phone. Why would you ever want a microUSB port on a feature phone which you only use for calling and messaging?

Even a lack of a headphone jack was considered a disadvantage in 2010!

  • kyaw lin

after master reset how can i download setting the sony ericsson ? Can down other way?

  • Swagitol

How can I update my software?

  • Anonymous

Use full

  • Ingo sagolshemba

My internet setting is lost and my client certificate

  • Khan

V smart and quality phons

  • Anonymous

This my chois.Solusion in the live.

  • Anonymous

Pleas I want this AccuWeather apof

  • Anonymous

Naren, 28 Jan 2011nice phone.....contains a nice cam of 5mp..captures a very ... morewmv (windows


Sony ericsson j20
Very good mobile phone I like this and I useing now

  • Anwar

anis_wn, 27 Aug 2010I buy this Hazel few days ago to replace my unfortunate C70... moreHe is good phone

  • Joni

Naren, 28 Jan 2011nice phone.....contains a nice cam of 5mp..captures a very ... moreGreat hammer of Thor, that is powerfully hlepful!

  • E

I bought Hazel just right in time when my other SE phone decided to retire - which was about 8 months ago. The reason I decided to buy Hazel was because of its 'greenheart' feature and when I checked at Sony Ericsson's site for the specs and checked at the price it was a wow factor.

I have to say, I do not regret it. Love it even. And after reading this review, I am loving it even more.

My comment might sound cheesy, but what the review said about Hazel here is what I experienced with it. Good for music (though I had some trouble with music video until I use the media go - plus, lucky I still keep my old SE phone's usb cable) Good camera, good internet connectivity, a really great low-end phone.

  • Niranga karunarathna

I want will buy a sony erecssion j20...but i don't know is it good??

  • mnyd

How can we connect this to a PC without USB port?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2011which has better camera hazel or 6700 slide?it depends, if you are going to use it for daylight pics only, Hazel and 6700 are equal, but for combination of daylight and lowlight photos 6700 is better. When it comes to video quality Hazel is the clear winner due to it having a smooth 30fps and better color rendering.

  • jacky

available download dictionary to SE Hazel? What website?

  • Anonymous

Ajay, 28 Sep 2010Hi. I got the hazel yesterday. Am not able to use the inter... moreYour Wifi in you Office prob. works with the 802.11n strandard the hazel only supports b and g.

  • Kamira

Alicia22, 03 Feb 2011Dear all Hazel users, I really like this phone and it sure... moreI have the red Hazel and I love the colour. Its slightly dark red. Not very bright at all. I think you would be happy with the colour as its very stylish! Especially together with the theme Ripples that comes with the phone!