Nokia 8800 review: Exclusivity costs

14 August 2005
Here is the new flagship of Nokia. Excellent performance, quality dislpay, camera and matt steel body. It is luxurious and beautiful... and you will have to clean it every five minutes. Who will posses it, will be exceptional. Do you want it? Street price around 800 euro.

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  • 28 Feb 2013

Sho, 15 Jan 2008Dont ever think of buying Nokia 8800. It doesnt worth its c... morehow can you assume when you never had it

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    • 08 Jan 2010

    a gr8 looking xmas present - looks cool - worst handset as far as reliability I have ever had! battery life poor, freezes and hangs up..mine's still at the service centre 2nd time in 6 months - no one seems to give a straight answer about what the problem is -some mention on software but not having much joy -daylight robbery!!

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      • Sho
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      • 15 Jan 2008

      Dont ever think of buying Nokia 8800. It doesnt worth its cost.The battery doesnt stay for long time.It dies out after few calls.

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        • 25 Jun 2007

        I got one of these the day they came out in Aus almost two years ago, I had nothing but trouble with the disgusting battery life from the first day and all Nokia could say when I rang was "but you get two batteries in the package" Sorry but for a phone valued at almost two thousand dollars I want more than just beauty... It is a very good looking phone so I put up with the dying battery and took a charger to work with me every day! but I can't have this any longer I can't even get a 2 Minute emergency call in to a friend without the battery dying before I even get to say Hello... Nokia may have created the best looking phone ever but they've lost me as a customer for life... I'm looking at the new Sony Erricson phones now and am more than willing to spend two grand a year on phones that work... Gx

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          • nigel
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          • 13 Oct 2006

          I got one of these mobiles, just weeks after they came out. not a bad looking phone but you cant hear people talking to you on the phone, i turned the volume up to max, but still not very good. never had a problem like such with any other mobile.

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            • Manav Arya
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            • 09 Aug 2006

            You got nokia another customer for their 8800!

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              • 08 Jul 2006

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