Mobile phone evolution: Story of shapes and sizes

15 July 2010
This week we step away from our usual line of work to do some time travel. We’re looking back at the ten years that we’ve been following the mobile phone industry. It doesn’t start nor end with us, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation...

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  • mariws

Reading this, 7 years later, it's amazing. You rock guys.

  • steve

I had to laugh at the thing about 5" phones not being normal

  • AnonD-57982

What alot has changed, i have been using mobile phones since i was a kid & been through all the evolutions

  • Marco

Silly Billys.

The FlipOut from Motorola is awesome! And the Z8 was just as awesome, best Symbian phone ever made!

  • Jon2

Great article. It was a good read.

Takes me back to a trip down in Memory Lane.

I remember my first phone, the Nokia 6630...
It was the most bang-for-buck smartphone during those times.
It had features that are still used right now, like Video-calling and 3G.

  • Midas

great article GSM Arena!!! Boy did this take me back! Should have mentioned the old "baby ericsson" (GF 788) or the ridiculously large "mobile" phones where you also needed to carry the battery lol

  • tim

hey where was the matrix phone??!

  • omair

best ever Post i have ever seen regarding info about mobile phone and also the revolution of mobile phones.

  • jigzjader

brings back the memories... here's my timeline Nokia 3210, Nokia 7110, nokia 6110, Sony Ericsson T68i, Sony Ericsson P900, LG CU500, Samsung Blackjack ,Nokia N95 and now Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro

  • brynn

Nauman, 05 Aug 2010Can anyone Please tell me the Model No. of phone in 3rd Picture ... moreits the samsung soul u900.

  • 100 Moto

Also for large touchscreen - who offered a bigger screen than Motorola A925 which ran on Symbian?

No doubt Panasonic GD55 probably won the samllest phones of all times, though who pioneered the idea? Motorola V3688?

  • 100 Moto

Good review of what happened in the past x years of the mobile phone evolution. Understand GSM Arena is European based, though that doesn't mean the American brand and pionneer of all mobile phones today deserve much more credits.

- Bar phones: first (even GSM?) bar phone was indeed made by Motorola. I remember the first Motorola GSM version of DynaTac used the small SIM card as we use today.

- Flipdown phones: don't think Ericsson was making any of the phone mentioned here when Motorola released its first "flipdown" phones, being the GSM version of the MicroTAC (but a bit larger, due to the use of "credit card size" SIM card...or whatever you get from the network provider nowadays except the micro-SIM for Apple). Where I live it started with the 5200, then 8200, 8500 and GC87.

- Clamshell phones: why nobody even mention the grandfa of all...the StarTAC?

- Touchscreen phones: what was SE doing with touchscreen when Motorola released the A6188 with (English and even Chinese) hand writing recognition? How many years did it take the almight brand to come out with its first touchscreen phone afterwards?

  • Nauman

Can anyone Please tell me the Model No. of phone in 3rd Picture at page 1?

  • iphoneguy

Review intro: To put it simply – touchscreen phones have a simple average of 20% of all phones in 2008, but a weighted average of 35%. The absolute average tells us that of all phones one in five was a touch phone.
Well done gsmarena - if touchscreens have 20% of the market share then it would be fare to say that one in five phones is a touchscreen device.

  • Jignesh

Greate article. Its a time teavel back in time of mobile world. It reminds me of times of my first mobile nokia 3310. If NOKIA release it again i will bye it use it again with joy.

  • Tech-King

Outstanding article.. one of the best I've read in past 6 yrs (since I'm following gsmarena)


  • Jason

One of the best article I have ever read. Thanks GSMArena.

  • Tsarli

Kudos to gsmarena for this very interesting and informative article! We all look forward to more!

  • Anonymous

I remember the glorious days of of my Nokia 3310 because of this review!! And I think after 10 years from now, the high-end phones are 10x powerful than the high-end desktop and laptop PCs of today's generation!!

  • obed247

wonderful article