Nokia C3 review: SNS love

16 July 2010
Nokia C3 is young and social, simple and reliable. Messaging and social networking are the very heart of this handset. But are they enough of a head-turner to become a phone's key selling points? Sure thing! Just add a pinch of charisma and hang a price tag...

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  • Anonymous

I love my nokia c 3

  • Jaseem

anon y mous, 23 May 2011well there is a way of accessing nokia's main browser....all you... moreNokia c3 is not a good phone ,
this phone not install software

  • M.zakir

Forget pasword

  • Elley

Helpp me plezzz i wana download skype at nokia c3 how can i do ?

  • Shogzy

fery, 09 Aug 2010I have already own it about one week ago. one word, satisfied. ... morePls can u browse with it?

  • Shabi

We still can join you tube with Nokia c3

  • Pooja

I'm using Nokia C3.. Here i can't browse through Opera mini or other browsers.. Even i can't use any applications like Facebook app etc.. "E" symbol is blinking on the right corner of the display when i browse through the Opera mini.. But the internet is working if i enter the URL directly into "Go To Address" or "Home".. Can someone please solve this problem???

  • Rahul...............

My mobile nokia c3
my fav mobile i likeeeeeee
so gud.......... ;)

  • Hitesh

whatsApp is working OR Not in Nokia C3 Model ?

  • C3

Dooes exist some recent updates for this model?
I do not like the C3's photo/video quality, I would be happy if this could be increased by some updates...

  • ....

anonymous, 28 Sep 2011I wanted to know how to download whatsapp messenger for nokia c3?go to ovi

  • Anonymous

did nimbuzz call work in nokia c3?

  • anonymous

I wanted to know how to download whatsapp messenger for nokia c3?

  • akmel

AnonD-10998, 15 Jun 2011i am confused between nokia c3 and samsung chat 335 i have re... morenokia c3 vs samsung chat:

nokia c3 is better as compare to samsung chat,

optical trackpad ruins after few months, but when we talk about nokia's classy chrome navigation keys... they dont last long and black plastic buttons starts emerging out of that chrome if u have nails.
so always use it with care because chrome loss looks too bad,

c3 screen is surfaced with plastic, and it gets scratchy very soon, so buy a screen protector.

  • Anonymous

how it is possible in nokia c3 phone to view the last caller details,even that details deleted from the call register?reply me plz

  • nagesh

it s an awesme phne...... :>

  • AnonD-10998

i am confused between nokia c3 and samsung chat 335

i have read on many sites that the optical pad in samsung chat 335 is very fragile and delicate and it tends to stop working after 2-3 months.
is it true? because i want a sturdy mobile for chatting and listening to songs (not for social networking or browsing the net at all). so i want a cell which is better for typing and has a better sound quality.

now i have 4 questions:
1. does either or them come with metallic finish because i definitely would prefer one with a metallic finish as it looks quite classy.

2. does either of them have the option to change themes. and i mean not just the 2-3 pre downloaded themes. the themes which i can download from net and easily install (read: without hacking the cell or doing any of the crazy geeky stuff one has 2 do in motorola).

3. is the optical track pad sturdy enough to last like an year or two at least?

4. which one should i opt for?????

plzzzzz answer!!!!!!!

  • victor lee

I regretted buying the Nokia C3 golden white a week ago!The keypad is so hard to read under the light or sun once you started to dial or type,I think the built-in light caused the reflection on the keypad. I reqested 7 others to test it,they found the same difficulties too. The keypad is very clear under the dark.Calling and messaging are key functions of any phone,why Nokia designed the golden white C3 in this way?

  • mithy kho

i lov it nyc phone someday hve dx

  • precious

how i wish there will be connector included in the package..