HTC Wildfire review: Desire Mini

20 July 2010
Occasionally HTC takes a little break from high-end smartphones and dips its toes in the waters of the lower midrange. The HTC Wildfire is a down-sized, down-clocked and down-priced version of the HTC Desire. If Sony Ericsson can do it with the X10...

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  • J

Jumped into a swimming pool back in summer 2012 with this phone in me pocket, I thaght it was completely water dammeged but I decided to try n charge and woop woop it works hahaha excellent phone back when I first got it in 2010 but there nothing compared to today's standards but hey ho it survived a 10/ft deep swimming pool :D

  • math

Beware , 20 May 2011Wildfire doesnot support Live wallpapersNo, it does lier

  • payam


  • Andy

Its a pos total crap but I bought one for the kids to beat up instead of my phone. Don't settle for less and get a cell like this just go on ebay and buy a gently used high end phone last years best DROID phones are cheap lately I snatched a wildfire for 13$ a DROID pro for 15$ and a mint DROID x (highly recommend this phone) for 65$ which is what I use now

  • dimple

im planning to buy this kind of phone but i need some suggestion if i go for it or ill be choose other phone instead of this.pls help me,,thanks

  • Anonymous

I hav htc wildfire s bought 8mnths bak... Nw the switch at d top s nt wrkng prprly my.frnd s also havng d same prblm..... I cntct srvc cntr nd thy rplied tht d part s not availabl it had been mre thn 1mnth sinc i regstrd my cmplaint nd still the part s nt availabl....i also cnct thr tollfree no. Still no use.... Sry to say that vry poor customer care thy r maintaing.... Very poor .... Totaly diisapointed with them

  • paran

small size radarh phone

  • rajarajesh

Simply superb but. Net very slow any AntiVirus plz suggested or send it thanks for all HTC troops.

  • Lucky

Which one is better among Samsung galaxy fit and htc wildfire

  • Anonymous

i am so cnfused. whch one is best now??????????????

  • Anonymous

I had HTC legend which worked fine till one year. After 1-year 2-months the device started showing random touch problems. I sent it to service center where they confirmed hardware problem and were asking for hefty repair charges.

I guess HTC intentionally makes cheap product which can last only till warranty and then they can loot their customers with hefty service charges.

My recommendation is don't go for HTC products. You may save some pennies, but you will regret your HTC purchase later.

  • Del

I dislike this phone. The camera is absolute rubbish, every image taken does not stand up to any scrutiny, I would put the quality at 0.5MB, blurred, poor colours, not sharp, difficult focus.
Connectivity via Vodaphone network 3G is painfully slow - processor size perhaps but better on Wi-fi
apps and things are not fast
battery not clever
I would like to see a clever auto log off that saves my 500GB limit but have unknowingly gone over twice
not happy

  • lozibear

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2011hi, i am confused, which is better 'samsung galaxy fit' or ... moreif i was you i'd go for the samsung, as it's slow, complicated, hard to get rid of email account or fone numbers if you have problems & the email is'nt very good either , you can't open alot of emails, lori :-(

  • techi_guy

I bought the wildfire on December for £225.00 from Phones 4u
And checking the market now it is listed at £99.99, which is really disappointing its only been 7months with my phone and I am now thinking of buying a dual core phones such as samsung galaxy s ii which is ideal for someone like me.

1.Problems started to occur couple of month after purchasing when the phone froze constantly disrupting everything I'm doing from using Facebook or even playing a game.

2. Suffered to from heavy lag when typing which is really frustrating when typing in a message as sometimes the touch cannot keep up with fast texting

3.The phone also suffers from severe overheating which affects the performqnce of the phone e.g battery and how the phone performs.

4. The Wildfire cannot play divx movies as their is a delay in the vid playing to the sound.
Thinking back the purchase of the wildfire has been a mistake

  • khosi

hi everybody,sometimes all of my sms be deleted automatically ( nearly 1-2 times in month) what can i do?

  • Beware

peet, 06 Nov 2010dose this phone have live wallpapers cos i got it and i don... moreWildfire doesnot support Live wallpapers

  • Beware

Romans 8:28, 13 Nov 2010Can someone who owns this phone confirm NOW if skype is ava... moreyes it is available and quality is good enough

  • RejZoR

I don't know, i think the model itself isn't that old. But the screen just feels plastic on touch compared to the feel of glass screen on Samsung Wave. Because of that i still bought the InvisibleShield just to be sure. But after i contacted HTC they said they don't use scratch resistant glass ffor the screens in Wildfire.

  • JAy

HTC is in not exclusive contract with corning glass who makes gorilla glass so they choose to use it in newer production of wildfire and not in old one as there were complains about easy breaking and wildfire is having gorilla glass i guess coz also on newer model box it is not written gorilla glass but on corning website it is written that HTC wildfire uses it.....and i have few experience of ball pen scratching screen without any scratch and 3 to 4 falls directly on screen from about 2 to 4 feets in heights and it didnt shattered which was surprising as on all web forum people said it will have been broken if not gorilla i guess newer models haves it after September 2010 models i it haves it and also not if u r having old models

  • RejZoR

I'm confused about Wildfire's screen. When i was buying it, there was no mention of "Gorilla Glass" anywhere on GSM Arena. And it also feels like a plastic screen compared to Samsung Wave which does have Gorilla Glass. But after checking GSM Arena now, it says that HTC Wildfire has a Gorilla Glas screen. Now, what's correct!? Does it have Gorilla Glass screen or not?