Samsung B7722 review: Double the action

17 August 2010
Let’s face it, B7722 doesn’t sound particularly inviting. But you will be surprised to see that unlike most of the dual SIM phones on the market which don’t do anything beyond the basics, the B7722 packs plenty of features...

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  • charlie

how to update its software

  • Sandy kamble

I like very-2 much this phone are best but only java suitable

  • subhash uttrakhand p

Samsung 7722 is a most smart phone i get this phone

  • tariq

i need watsapp software

  • Ashok

This phone is very bed it not support java and his dawnloading speed is very low.i don't like samsung

  • sri

Now is it available?

  • User

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2011Hi everyone , please don't buy this phoneAll above the phone is good, but
one thing is very bad very very very very-bad...
That is net speed.
It is the very slow, it harash to user.

I think samsung company must be back 50% money to all the buyer for this set, " For the future business to sell "...

From- All the user

  • amiami

where can i get the pouch for my 7722? Cannot get at perak.

  • Anonymous

It's a very smart phone......

  • victim

worst phome i have ever used

  • Praj

i like this B7722 very much...

  • rizwan

i am not able to save anypage by operamini. it showing error as "acess is denied". kindly tell me

  • Yehia

How to set date to appear on picture to show picture date??


sunil, 16 Jan 2011When i browsing from mobile browser it shows page is too co... moreI got the same problem. any solution?

  • Anonymous

Sush, 29 Apr 2011hello..I want to buy this phone, but as i read all the abov... moreHi everyone ,
please don't buy this phone

  • sanju

verry bad experience.....about this phone

  • Parag

Bought this yesterday as I have a 3G(video calling) and 2G(official)connections. After using c6112 I feel this is still an earlier version.
Good - 2G-3G adaptability, camera
Bad - everything else . poor sound from phone - feels like the sound is coming from a 2000 Rs phone, Internet totally junk, screen resolution - not good for such a big screen. Samsung Apps is what samsung has devised to fool the buyers, it doesn't work on net, all other things start @ Rs 50. Poor quality resistive touchscreen and very cheap thick form factor.

Overall I would say that samsung has not reduced the price of this junk just because the competition is absent. I am waiting for a 2G-3G combination for a year and the options are still the same. so if you definitely need a 2g-3G combination then it is still ok as compared to what else is available, however if you have seen android then I would recommend not to go for it, it feels like you are caged.

  • addi13

Mohit Grover, 07 Apr 2011Hi I had recently bought new Samsung B7722 Star Duos mobile... moredownload

  • aj gupta

phone hangs so many times , do not buy

  • ramesh

hOw 2 install games? Is internet necessary on phone 2 play games? plz let me know