BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 review: Back in style

04 October 2010
Berries have been changing – in small steps, and big leaps. Sometimes stumbling, other times graceful and assertive. It seems the time was finally right for the Pearls’ makeover too. It’s been almost three years since the last of...

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  • Ali

Hey guys i hv a blckbery 9105, but i cnt ues the ineternet service! Itz a big problme, can u tel me,?Any idea?Reply me

  • Theo

Desparatelly needing blackberry 9105 3G Pearl smartphone. The one i used to have is broken. Please where can i find it. I am staying in South of Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • donchidy

Please how can I get this blackberry pearl 9105.Am a Nigeria

  • cat

It will be an ideal phone for my mom and all the older generation. The num pad makes it easier for them to use. Great job. More user friendly for the old peeps

  • Anonymous

AnonD-33501, 09 Dec 2011why if i record video... after that when i play it.. its ... moreThe problem is from your memory card. You should change it.

  • Anonymous

Rainbow, 10 Nov 2010Does anyone know how the availability of quality apps for B... moreI've got samsung galaxy 511 it is touch screen but also slides open + has key pad I personally think its quite neat + small + ideal 4 people who dooont like touch screens

  • AnonD-33501

why if i record video...
after that when i play it..
its play few second then its start to buffering..
i think better use other smartphone.. if pearl being like this..

  • Anonymous

I always prefer the numpad for txt use in a phone...and 9105 satisfied my want in a phone and my curiosity with blackberry.....nice unit from blackberry
....I just need to update it iOS 6,....
.....any idea if I use Mac ?

  • H Cubed

Yollies85, 23 Feb 2011Hey Do all of u still feel the same about the pearl 9105... moreJust bought the phone yesterday and i updated it to os it is perfectly amazing for a blackberry. New blackberry style, but to be honest the bad thing is the keypad...I really prefer the full qwerty, if they only had it on this phone, i can imagine how many people would have bought it,,,,but nothing is perfect!!!!
But will recommend people to buy in the end

  • Yollies85


Do all of u still feel the same about the pearl 9105? I want to get one, but afraid of software problems that i've heard about. Please help.

  • sunil

Thanx for giving these information

  • Rainbow

Does anyone know how the availability of quality apps for Blackberry's compares with those for Symbian 60 phones? I've had my E52 for a couple of months and have always had Symbian 60 Nokias. The Ovi email on the E52 is a massive let down, I've considered going back to my N78 or getting an N79 even though they're now really old. I really wish there were more normal buttoned phones with good email, internet and GPS with lots of free apps available and with a good level of customisation.

I really hate touch screen phones and just cannot get on with them for typing and many seem to lack basic features that I'm so used to that I really would miss. I'm putting off getting a qwerty phone for as long as possible too as they're big and my hands are small and I can type quite fast enough with a normal key pad.

Is it likely that there will ever be any Android phones with normal buttons? If Ovi email is the way forward for Nokia then I've got to move on.

Does anyone have any advice? Is the new Pearl my best option?

  • Connie

The best things in life are free. In smart phone terms that refers to Google's Android. It is definitely the best and it is free. Difficult for the other also ran's to compete. Android is kicking ass and taking names.

  • Anonymous

This phone will open new markets For blackberry. There are many people who like the functions of a blackberry but won't use a qwerty keybord. I personally know a few people that is getting this phone. Including me! I am currently using a storm becouse it has a option for a T9 keybord on the screen. But I can't wait to get my 9105.

  • Original_Jamaican

I never thought Blackberry would offer a regular keypad. They have certainly surprised me.

  • Anonymous

I love Blackberry and the original Pearl was my first BB device, the only problem with the Pearl 3G is price.

  • Jaskaran

One more fugly device from BB!

  • Anonymous

I've never really cared too much for the pearl to begin with, and this one even though I think it looks great, really is no exception. Granted technically it out dose my BB Curve 8900, I'm not all that impressed with it. I've never really liked the hybrid keyboard concept. However, I think one thing that people seem to always forget is that Blackberry are more grown-up then everything else. They don't don't need all the super multimedia stuff, that the iPhones and Driod armys have. I've had my 8900 Curve for a long time and I've loved it. However, even though GSM Arena seem to love the Trackballs, its only cool until it stops working and that takes about 6 months least for me it did. I love Blackberry mine has never let me down, even though it was out performed my a lot of things, I never had a problem with it, and when one dose come up, there is no better support then RIM.

  • Colin

In this day, do they really have to use "3G" in a title of a device. It's a given now days.

  • Anonymous

better wait for the next bb OS that were based on neutrino. It looks like BB finally realize that their OS is only good for office-guy, and not for X-generation, Y-generation, Z-generation.