Motorola Flipout review: Fair and square

29 September 2010
Motorola is banking heavily on QWERTY droids. The Motorola Flipout looks a bit of a shocker but fits squarely into the lineup. It’s tiny, yet offers better features than the Backflip, and social networking is its element. The first thing...

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  • Anonymous

pie, 02 Oct 2010its so cute and handy! i want to have it...soon... how mu... morenow it cost only 30 to 32 us dollars here in Philippines

  • Anonymous

It is super cool me and my friends think it is reali adoribal

  • lulu

Battery life can be extended by disabling motoblur use 2G and install battery saver you will charge on the 3rd day if set to 20percent bluetooth, wifi. gps,vibration,animations,haptic and un necessary warning sounds are set off.

  • Anonymous

I have mb511 can I upgrade my mobile version? If yes how?

  • Fay

Android phones usually consume battery fast especially when using some applications...

  • Domoloverz123

I'm getting this phone tomorrow and I know that the battery life is very bad, but other than that seems like a pretty decent phone. P.P.S. It is so cute and hand, cant wait!!!!!!:)

  • trish

Doesn't always answer when someone calls, and can't do anything with it till it stops ringing.Already had a replacement for this, only had the phone since april. Otherwise I love the phone

  • Col

Got to be the worst battery life of any phone I have ever owned. 24 hours if you are lucky - even with minimum use. Else this is an awsome phone.

  • sopo

has processor ti omap3410
processor clock speed 720 mhz not 600 mgz

  • Anonymous

I love it! It's unique, refreshing, and different. =D

I think it's a thousand times better than the Nokia Twist.

  • Anonymous

veryvery nice design
powerfull cpu and ram
great choice

  • rebel

good idea,courageous design

  • rebel

rebel, 02 Oct 2010gentleman from motorola!vga screen on it!then good phone! ... moreotherwise almost useless like symbian

  • rebel

gentleman from motorola!vga screen on it!then good phone!
sincerely yours
Homer Simpson

  • pie

its so cute and handy!
i want to have it...soon...
how much it cost in philippine peso?

does it cost more than 10K?

  • kadu

Does it support out of the box? And if it happens not to, is some kind of app for that available in the app store?

  • MdN

RJ11, 30 Sep 2010there are already a lot of spring assisted phones out there... moreI know, from Aura all the way down to that old Samsung flip phone with an electromotor opening, it's just that I wasn't expecting it with a design like this. :-)

  • ruth

this phone is very wonderfull, but where can buy it?thanks

  • Mike

It's not a QWERTY keyboard if the keys go QWERTZ..

  • Splinter

It seems like a decent little handset. However the question remains whether Motorola will bother to support it a few months down the line; they're (rightly) getting a bad rep with Android phones...