Nokia N70 camera review: Quality without a label

20 October 2005
A big review of the Nokia N70 smartphone is to come very soon. In the meantime we are offering you a separate article with detailed description of N70's built-in digital camera. So let us find out what the pictures Nokia's second 2 megapixel camera are like, regardless the lack of the famous Carl Zeiss label.

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  • AnonD-664557
  • uZa
  • 25 Apr 2017

N70 phone do

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    • Mahe
    • rJq
    • 12 Apr 2012

    Its cemera very much clearity.I can like this phone

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      • Dennis
      • fuj
      • 13 Sep 2010

      Anonymous, 30 Jun 2006hi everyone! I think it is not worth buying this nokia N70,... moreNokia N80 and N70 don't fall under the same budget. Each phone is maximized for its price tag.

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        • Sejel
        • PGx
        • 25 Oct 2008

        i like it very much.i's nice ,not nice very nice...

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          • Anonymous
          • ijV
          • 18 Oct 2006

          its a sweet fellow,its worth for the money............

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            • Anonymous
            • ScM
            • 30 Jun 2006

            hi everyone! I think it is not worth buying this nokia N70, 'cos although N80 is more expensive but it is a better phone (better functions, good camera -3MP-, and the darkest one looks fantastic...).