Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab review: An expanding universe

26 October 2010
Not so long ago the tablet was a futureless species, stuck in an evolutionary dead-end. The technology and the the operating systems didn't offer the right balance of portability and usability to suit its needs. But just look at it now...

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  • Maxwell

Please i cannot download app anymore even when i have free 15GB in my phone(Samsung anycall GALAXY, Model Number GT-P1000 with 2.3.4 Firmware Version)

  • Dora The Explorer, 02 Dec 2016please I can no longer downloading apps any more try doing a factory reset. it works all the time :)


please I can no longer downloading apps any more

  • piero

Well its a very powerful phone. The P1000. But my touch is not working. Somebody help me. Tnx

  • s.k.c

excellent . but charging problem.

  • theejhay

gsm please make a review on galapad 7.tnx and more power

  • Akota

I love to hide some of the icons in my homescreen from the view of people who have access to my Tablet

  • Knuckles

I was hoping the new Samsung p1000 would be 4G and have an 8Meg.pixel camera. And how bout a dual core processor. I mean if it's gonna roll with the I-Pad, it's gonna need wheels!

  • Harbir singh

How can v capture the screen as a picture?

  • Harbir singh

How can v capture the screen as a picture?

  • Anonymous

how mach cost

  • Awni

It stopped working

  • Frans

Naeem Afridi, 25 Feb 2012I wnt yo knw tht is thre any limit of downlodng apps nd gam... moreJust download it again mine does the same but i get it downloaded in the end or wait and try again later.

  • Naeem Afridi

I wnt yo knw tht is thre any limit of downlodng apps nd games from google mrkt r its unlimitd... n galaxy tab P 1000???? Cuz whn i downloaded nealy 60 apps it said me tht u dn have suffient space to downoad more apps bt thre was more thn 1GB space left n intrnal memry. Nd more thn 10 GB space left n phone memryy.... plzz help me...

  • Mukhtarsaad

More explanation of this phone is available on

This phone is reaaly good and also has normal price

  • Anonymous

I found tjis blog it has some nice pictures of default music player of galaxy tab

  • tabman

almost sold mine anticipating the new tab 7 plus. but looking at the super amoloid well i will just keep on tapping..haha

  • manoj

i want tally on my samsung tab

  • Anonymous

Almost bought one yesterday, I back off the last minute after I found out that the soft qwerty keyboard layout reads t g v instead of t g b

  • Amex

Sam, 18 Jan 2011Dear friends., i want to upgrade my old laptop to new core ... moreIt's good with the internet coz it has HSDPA OF 7.2Mpbs internet speed which is pretty cool and very nice.and it support's flash player too.Unfortunately it doesn't support photoshop..