Nokia N70 review: Universal fighter

26 October 2005
Nokia N70 is a smart mobile phone. It is so smart, that it has basically everything. It supports 3G, has a 2 megapixel camera, three times more memory space than its forerunners, a radio, a MP3 player, memory card slot… But don’t worry, we will also point out many Nokia N70 cons in this extended review.

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  • Hazem

Still use this great phone from 2006 to 2014 and still it one of the great products ever. N70 is my life

  • Bilal

l no get 3G feauter in this mobile bad.......

  • Anonymous

Nokia N70 phone my life.N70 mobile is very good and spot on all softwear.

  • Cornella

N70 is very nice ,durable phone.. :)


is n70 is better than nokia 7610 supernova....

  • lk;md

this stupide phone is slowwww.........

  • shani

di is nt a good phone v
ery slow..........

  • shabu

this phone is too slow.......cant do any thing..every time proccecing.........this is utpide ugly....

  • 4everyourz

i love n70 i bought this phone cost 13,500 last 2006 and now 2010 its alive... i love it coz its orig!!! i love nokia forever!!that's why 4everyourz....

  • rajeshwar83

bought the phone today (seconds) for 2000rs.. the phone really looks good. the possessor is very slow. before this i had blackberry , lg i find very difficult to use it, but in nokia its very user friendly... nokia always rocks

  • Kurse

Ok! Nmn, gamitin. But s0metimes mbgl tlga ung pr0cess,,.

  • ahmad

nokia n70 is my life

  • jerry

my N70 went off and i cant power it back.
what might be the problem?

  • shezi

nokia is really a nice hand set but its speed is slow. there is no fault in this hand set.

  • Anonymous

Vinolady, 21 Jun 2006Well - I've now had it for 2 days ... and its wonderful.. v... moreHey, I need help urgent!! Can you transfer ALL contacts via bluetooth to new phone??? Please Help

  • Anonymous

Hi, i'm gonna swop with my uncle I get the Nokia N70 and he gets the Nokia 2630. Is there anyway of copying ALL contacts via bluetooth??? Please Help!!!

  • Anonymous

my nokia n70 has a memory card of 1GB but it doesnt accept any transfers what might be the problem?

  • cool dude

Prathap, 10 Jan 2007Another problem i found is that only 21MB of internal memor... moreu lier
can't u read properly
in the specifications it it written 22MB.

  • Arifur Rahman

Which country are made this n70? Please tell me.

  • SnowWolf

kulaz, 07 Sep 2007can you guys tell me if N70ME can handle a 2gig mem card? thanks!yes you can use but it will be little bit slow.