Nokia C7 review: Rise and shine

03 November 2010
The Nokia C7 has no intention of breaking the chain of command. It is just a slimmer, simpler and more affordable N8 and comes with more conservative styling. The well-balanced Cseries have received an accomplished leader. The specs sound cool...

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  • y.msster

At where can I get this phone right now

  • Siva

My phone is not charing ang working. In shop don't remadulation in this phone they told give your kind advice .I want this phone work.

  • Anonymous


  • Aditi

I'm using my c7 from three years...there are many problems bt it works perfect for's cool that it's been working perfectly but i have a lot of problem with its battery sort of thing...there was one app called battery monitor was not showing the correct battery so i deleted it and now my nokia store is not working at all..when i opened it then it was suddenly opening opera mini store in Web..and now i can't see my battery..plz help me!! Still i luv this phone..

  • Rahul Sharma

One of the great phone, I used ever! :(

  • p.s

very gud cel

  • dr love

Zis phone iz very good

  • Saak

My c7 battery backup very less what i do for this? Plz replay me..

  • Anonymous

Too costly to repair

  • Nisarg

Blutooth cant work with my viao laptop....what can i do for this problem??

  • masad

there are no skype vedio call in shymbian.why?how many times need to come skype vedio call..evdry android have skype vedio why not symbian..plz anybody tell me when it come?i need it.

  • Me of course

I never thought I would say that, but I love this phone! For the price its very nice with great features. I don't know why they say its camera isn't good... when there's enough light and you shoot from a distance of around 50 cms, then the device produces accurate photos with good detail and no noise...
When I first bought this I never thought I'd like it but now, after all the updates it's been through and all those months, I can honestly say it might be possible to keep it another year!! If you find this in perfect condition around 90 euros, don't hesitate, it's a great phone!

  • masad

i have a c7 bt it need to latest improvement....there r no skype vedio c7 is symbian belle....please upgrade skype vedio call.....we need to skype vedio call.....every android have skype vedio why not symbian......plz upgrade skype vedio call.....

  • vicky gholia

wat a mastrpiece by nokia.a solid smartphone.i daily throws it from my hand onto d floor,hits it to the walls bt it didnt betray me ever

  • Skillz

AnonD-46492, 14 Mar 2012it's nice tough..anyway you didn't say anything about nfc. ... moreyou just said all i had in mind to say. I LOVE C7 that's all I can add

  • mathu

dear sir,
i need nokia c7 tamil font. Because my internet does not read tamil word. Please send nokia c7 tamil font in my e-mail.

  • nick

AnonD-58406, 10 Jun 2012My c7 nokia store have a problem n it can't open, i downloa... morejust go to the nearest nokia care and ask them to reinstall symbian benne or anna ........

  • AnonD-58406

My c7 nokia store have a problem n it can't open, i downloaded another store from the update section from my phone try installating it but it fail. Can some one help me out with ideas to get a store?

  • gabriel

wel the c7 is fast and touch sensilize compare to the n8

  • Manni

I have N85 and i need to know how i format it please i do need a help , thanks