LG Optimus One P500 review: One and a half

06 December 2010
The LG Optimus One may not be your average killer gadget, but it sports a tempting pricetag, solid build, a nice looking set of features and Android 2.2 Froyo. And with the Optimus One in your hand, you are free to mock and tease those...

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  • Moe ZA

I've got a P500 that's 6 years old now and still going strong. I loaded a custom ROM, and for a phone this old and with this specs it still performs well. I don't use it anymore except as a wifi hotspot sometimes but yeah, it still works.

  • Anonymous

I've had my Optimus One P500 (with the official car kit) for about four years now, and it's one purchase I've never regretted. Its obsolete processor may not be a powerhouse, and the well-known touchscreen bugs render all but the most basic multitouch gestures impossible, and it missed out on having a front-facing camera, but the Optimus One still has an Ace up its sleeve: Because of its whopping 512MB RAM, and its immense popularity, this four-year-old device can still run the latest Android OS (Kitkat) almost flawlessly.

  • bash

Does it have whatsapp?

  • Akhil

Been 2 years now, and I have not faced a single problem up to date. Never even felt the need to change. And when i do get a new one, it'll definitely be an LG!

  • Boopathy

Very excellent phone. 2.5 years it traveled with me. It has some drawback but worth for money. bye optimus one now I changed in to galaxy s4.

  • AnonD-97370

I lived with the p500h for 1.5 years. My first step was a spare battery (ebay, $7) and later a 32 gb sd card.

I didn't root it, but that would allow you to free up some space if, for example, you didn't require the rather large facebook app. In my research, SuperOneClick seems to be the way to go, as there isa Root and an Unroot button. Bookmark xda-developers forum for detailed discussions ot that topic.

Good little phone. I miss the calander. Good luck.

  • alles

The only drawback of this phone is 177 MB of memory is really little memory. And because of that I am deprived of the many wonderful applications on the Android Market. Another drawback is the battery!.

  • nupur shah

Dictionary is not working. As it shows msg, some database files are deleated. What to do?

  • hamada

No language arabic

  • chaman ali

Hi friend
my name is chaman ali .i used htc wild fier .but one day i saw lg p500 a friend.i like it very much.one day i sold htc and i purchase the lgp500.and i enjoy the lg now a days and very happy.its betry time its to short .google and face book very sported.

  • sameera

Im also using lgp500.it is good.but when i use 3g my battry is lost.cant use 3/4 hours.2g also.when i use 2g i can use only 8/9 hours.bcz i charg my phone 2 3 times per day

  • vijay

My nane vijay bhaskar singh i am not able to openandroid market though iamhaving gmail id. in starting ie when i bought i have used market & downloaded but now facing problem. Please help me out. Mail id vijay221976@ gmail.com

  • lenhkp

Its a good phone,totaly worth the price. Camera flash is a weakpoint,you wil mis it. And i cant seem to find high graphic games for the phone in the market,.i wonder if games like call of duty,medal of honor etc is not suported by the phone or its not available in android market. If fifa games were suported,i would have rated lgp500 9points out of 10. Nevertheless,it a good phone.

  • PK

kishore, 11 Mar 2012When I try to open the Market, I'm frequently met by a white scr... moreDo a factory reset,it will be fine.

  • kishore

When I try to open the Market, I'm frequently met by a white screen saying "No Connection" with a retry button, which does nothing. There's noting wrong with my network connection.Please help.

  • kishore

Ashu, 22 Nov 2011Go to market type bluetooth file transfer download it and then u... moreUse think free application of your phone for blue tooth transfer.

  • kishore

Binz, 06 Sep 2011Using this device and its great and value for money can any o... moreGo to your nearest LG Service centre.Its free,go with bill.

  • kishore

ndarable, 15 Aug 2011cn u guys tell me ,how do i snd music via bluetooth via my lg op... moreUse think free application in the phone for all bluetooth transfers.

  • kishore

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2011Where can we get the gingerbread 2.3 update for this phone Its at the LG service centre.

  • AnonD-42340

First of all i thank LG giving a wonderful such as P500 which is good for multitasking. 2 months i successfully upgraded version 2.2 to 2.3.3 but now i m trying since 3 days for the next upgrade but my phone not responding to my laptops pc suite without whivh i can't check availability or upgradations for the same. Althougj mass storage and othrr activity are running flawlessly but Facebook giving headache by constant nagging can anybody help me out?