Samsung D600 review: Black star

08 November 2005
Samsung D600 is a mobile phone with a brilliant display, 2 megapixel camera, memory card and a lot of functions. It will win you over with its stereo sound and the many possibilities for TV connection.

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  • Iftikhar Ali Rana

please tell me how i can call voice (recording) from this phone

Best Regards

Iftikhar Ali Rana

  • John

D600, a very lasting phone as I've been using it for almost 3 years with no repair at all throughout these years ! The slider is still very good unlike other brands.

  • siva

display is not clear, how to solve this problem

  • nikolas-serbia

its not bad...stereo sound its great and I like this phone much!!!

  • Silvester seuli Nyir

Hey ive usd different phones bt D600 is the best-idont hve the reason to buy Ipod instead i keep on listening tn music 4rm my phone. We talk of phone memory its jst big plus my memory card. Its no longer called phone bt Laptop bcoz i can get info on the internet. Im to buy other 2 phones one for my fiance JANE MWAMADI in Blantyre and the other for FISHANI SEULI.

  • Faisal Shehzad Khan

This is a nice phone. I want to turn off wow service of my phone. Please help me.

  • faheem janjua

it is nise phone but java memory is very lo plz help me

  • bob

sumsong D600 is the best , it had all what i need and its prie not so bad

  • Leotrimi Suka

tung tugn sen nuk po vyshin samsunga

  • amin

it is zighaee & full of bugs but beautiful style.

  • lol pol

i am so excited about using this phone it looks so cool and it is like my dream phone i cant wait to get it but i am worried about the battery and the functions could someone heklp me ??

  • John Cena

da best phone i`ve ever had (wov). samsung samsung samsung samsung samsung samsung samsung samsung...

  • bywis

this phone is a highest class! r5sp5cT

  • Anonymous

hey i am getting a fone and i don't no iff i should get the samsung d500 or d500 please help me i really don't no which has more features and better everthing


  • bloodraven

i have one:X it rocks :X especially pixel viewer:)) u can see quite everything in it,.. havent tried 2 see videos but still extremely good:D ... didnt u try it? the battery lasts a LOT longer if u put the brightness of the screen to 1.... sure ull loose quality but ull get battery life:D .... too bad the usb cable is pretty slow... good camera nice sound through earphones...:D.. and nice design

  • Rory

Can someone please tell me how to automatically save sent messages in the sentbox? Apart from this problem the phone is class.

  • Fateh Dhadly

The looks and the design of the ph. is facinating but it lacks on the low sound,delay in clicking the picture and then getting warmed up for the next click,no games,battery life prb.,does not saves files to sim card directly and the msg. option saves it first and then sends and the last thing is the wap key is in the middle which shd have been in the side and the menu option shd. have been there instead of wap key,and their is no screensaver,initially it is difficult to manage but once u get accostomed then everything seems fine.
The picture and sound quality is great,the display of video is clear,the bluetooth connectivity is good.the biggest advantage is its sleek design and is the in thing instead of those big hard to manage phones.

  • Fateh Dhadly

It does not support 3g format .

  • boz

1 question only...does it support 3gp format?nid feedback

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have a good video camera?