Nokia X2-01 review: Loads of attitude

2 February 2011
Good build, QWERTY keyboard and one-touch access to music: the Nokia X2-01 has the right ingredients to serve and entertain. And if youíre looking to buy cheap, itís an offer thatís hard to beat. Nokia has long made the low-end their fortress and X2-01...

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  • Anonymous

reviewers 4got 2 mention lg C105 nd samsung B3210 in direct compitetors coz both these models r available @ around d same price range

  • Anonymous

AnonD-889, 05 Feb 2011X2-01 is now available in India and its price way lower than C3-... morelg C105 and samsung b3210 come @ a cheaper rate nd r better than boththe nokia options

  • henry

im using the x2-01 so far for the first time ( Nokia ).. it doesnt hang its a good phone..over all performance is good.

AnonD-851, 06 Feb 2011You can compare those models here: moreIt seems the video sample is OK now.

  • TSH

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2011s40 is so reliable. If I need to stay at a remote village withou... morevery good point.

On that subject, if this phone doesn't charge by micro-USB doesn't that infringe the EU standard that requires all devices to support micro-USB charging?

  • Anonymous

s40 is so reliable. If I need to stay at a remote village without any electricity for 4 days , I'd pick s40 over anything.

  • AnonD-851

tin, 05 Feb 2011hi.. which do you think is much better nokia C3 or nokia x2-01?You can compare those models here:­10&idPhone2=3269

Nokia C3 is way better. Go for the C3.

@GSMArena: the link to the video sample in the review does not work.

  • Anonymous

i think people who are reading this and clicking about this mobile are mostly interested whether tihs mobile phone has wi-fi or not. it looks mean but acts badly. s60 and wifi would be a dream phone

  • Anonymous

Made in china...

  • AnonD-889

X2-01 is now available in India and its price way lower than C3-00. Its priced is at 4200 INRs (92$ USD)­1-has-been-launched-in-india/

  • nishikant

the main reason to buy it because its s40. Yes i like s40. So many guys likes s60 but i think s40 is easy to use.

  • azu_ichi

the opera mini 4.2 doesn't support multiple tab. correct this please

  • Anonymous

lack of multi tasking is the reason i dont buy nokia non os. Lol

  • tin

hi.. which do you think is much better nokia C3 or nokia x2-01?

  • Souvik

How loud is the loudspeaker of x2-01 as compared to c3

  • maxwell

as the reviewer's stated if you are looking for a cheap phone this is the one for you and this is already good base on its capabilities and anyway why do we buy mobile phone?? for communication right.. for calls and text.. as long they work that already ok

  • TriztaN_Wicky

I'd Rather cH0ose Diz than the N0kia C3.... :D

  • Mengsk

LOL @ "Editorial: Normally, phones like the X2-01 stay under our review radar as they rarely excite much interest in our readers. However, the Nokia X2-01 is special. Its Daily Interest rating has hit 35% at the time of writing this. Thatís an impressive number for a low-end handset Ė it equals the daily interest in Google Nexus S and Motorola DEFY combined. Obviously Nokia has somehow managed to attract our readersí attention."

  • Anonymous

bummy, 04 Feb 2011who buys keyboard phone that's not made by RIM.... obviously a lot of people since more people buy nokia's then rim's own blackberrys! so yeah a lot of people

  • anonymouse

"Piss poor camera" LOL