Samsung S5260 Star II review: In the making

25 February 2011
You must remember this one – maybe not by face but certainly by name. The Samsung S5260 Star II has some big shoes to fill: over 10M units sold propelled the predecessor to Stardom. The original Samsung Star was one of the...

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  • Anonymous
  • fmL
  • 26 Nov 2021

Julde, 17 Jul 2020My sister is using SG 5260 now it is requesting for a pin n... moreType 0000 to open

    It was my first phone, basic, small and sleek, loved to charge it once every two days. Got it almost new from my mom, she was very careful with it, nice touch screen, with that camera the photos were not that bad on daylight time, I managed myself to learn and write some java tweaks and even made my own custom themes and some other tricks. Crystal clear voice calls and ringing, vibration. With a SD card up to 8GB will work excellent, bigger cards will lagg and slow down the phone. Today those are discontinued, and there are worse devices on the market.

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      • Julde
      • Nue
      • 17 Jul 2020

      My sister is using SG 5260 now it is requesting for a pin no when it is switched on pls how do I go about it even if it is to hard boot it thanks in advance.

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        • Rittyk
        • t1$
        • 09 Feb 2015

        niku, 01 Feb 2013cant dowlod what appIts runs on java OS .. And whatsapp is supported on platforms like ndroid, windows, symbian, etc. But not java..

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          • Rittyk
          • XuT
          • 03 Nov 2014

          I have been using this mob for quite a long time... Its basically amazing starting from its' Smart unlock to its touchwiz UI, though it lags in some areas like its browser and inbuilt memory... But overall the phone is quite impressive...

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            • lsjeff
            • SvC
            • 21 Mar 2014

            Does anyone know if you can use the "like" option in fb with this phone?

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              • October book
              • fuv
              • 20 Feb 2014

              Howtoflash the phone

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                • Anonymous
                • 6j$
                • 10 Jul 2013


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                  • IMMAN
                  • U{Q
                  • 18 May 2013

                  its super ah :-)

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                    • niku
                    • fCU
                    • 01 Feb 2013

                    cant dowlod what app

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                      • alfaaz
                      • 6PT
                      • 06 Dec 2012

                      vith, 04 May 2012fucking phone...slow internet connection.& always displ... moreyou are right

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                        • Vlapak
                        • nBC
                        • 27 Oct 2012

                        You have to remove cookies/buffer/webdatabase when u use internet. Otherwise u will keep get messages of "not enough memory" Then restart your phone and u can internet again.
                        And the standard browser doesnt work to wel.. I recommend opera mini web browser 4. It works much better then the Samsungs "Dolfin Browser".
                        A bad thing is that u cant update this browser :\

                        Facebook is downloadable, Opera mini web browser and Ebuddy. I have those applications on my Samsung Star 2

                          • v
                          • vith
                          • iwp
                          • 04 May 2012

                          fucking phone...slow internet connection.& always display memory is not enough,

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                            • eviltwit
                            • m0V
                            • 14 Feb 2012

                            anyone know how to get accent marks over the names in the address book? it seems you can get the letters with accents over them while writing an email, but not when inputting names in the Contacts.

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                              • Biswajit
                              • 7qx
                              • 09 Sep 2011

                              I see the customer comments. Afteall i thik samsung starII is a low price stylish phone.i will buy use few month.after 3 to 4 month i change my handset i use only samsung model becoz i satisfy.i use champ3303, next.

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                                • JEronimo
                                • SvB
                                • 08 Aug 2011

                                I have this phone i think i makes all the money.It's the perfect phone for teens.

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                                  • Giri
                                  • ut9
                                  • 25 Jun 2011

                                  rasika, 26 Apr 2011its low price phone but is browser very bad internet very s... moreUse opera mini...... it works good for this phone:)

                                    • r
                                    • rasika
                                    • tet
                                    • 26 Apr 2011

                                    its low price phone but is browser very bad internet very slow and havent flash light its all bad fuck phone i have one but i hate

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                                      • Solun
                                      • p6f
                                      • 18 Mar 2011

                                      A lot of my friends have Samsung Star because of it´s great rate value/price. I wonder if I see Star II everywhere when it´s released :D.

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                                        • Abbas - Ali
                                        • 2In
                                        • 07 Mar 2011

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