Nokia E7 review: Open for business

02 March 2011
Business as usual for the Eseries is a cliché – thank you very much. But the kind that makes the world feel right. The Nokia E7 could’ve been just another Eseries phone. Oh well, that wasn’t meant to be. The latest is implicitly the greatest but, in the...

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  • Raj
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  • 02 Mar 2011

Great review

I was confident this was my next phone but looks like ill be keeping my Samsung Wave. Nokia really dropped the ball on the camera, especially when you consider the price. No AF is ok, but even the quality overall just isnt there.

It looks good in video mode though. Looks like im going to have to look elsewhere.

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    • f3g
    • 02 Mar 2011

    Very well reviewed GSMArena, I like the way you review the phones as you provide us with the most accurate info about the device being reviewed.
    I must say that the E7 is a good phone but not for me. The specs of the recent Nokia devices hasn't been really impressive at all. What good could an 8 megapixel FIXED-FOCUS camera do on any device? No really, that was a bad decision from Nokia to begin with. I agree with you guys that the Symbian OS is quite behind in terms of usability compared to Android and iOS. An example is the Camera UI, it still looks the same as my 2 year-old Nokia N97 and can be frustrating at times when changing the settings before taking a picture (e.g. Changing the Scene Mode from Landscape to Close-up/Macro). Also the 'tap-once-to-select, double-tap-to-confirm' thing is really annoying indeed. I really must say I did a good move by moving over to Android with the Sony X10i. Honestly, I'll have to wait for the first Nokia device running Windows Phone 7 before I can really look into buying a Nokia phone again with pleasing specs than the recent crops of Nokia devices.

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      • AnonD-123
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      • 02 Mar 2011

      AnonD-2037, 02 Mar 2011Symbian^3 is still behind Android and iOS usability standar... moreI moved to Android from Symbian and find that the Android UI makes it less complex to do many tasks. The reason I find that things tend to take longer on Symbian is that the Symbian UI feels like it is designed for a T9 keyboard rather than a touch screen. Many items are buried deeper in submenus than Android. Android and iOS tends to flatten things out more because they take better advantage of touch screen interface features such as kinetic scrolling and drag & drop.

      Symbian^3 has made some advances, but still does not come close to Android or iOS. A simple task such as moving a home screen short cut one position to the left takes many steps on Symbian. On Android or iOS, it is a simple long tap drag and drop.

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        • Irteza
        • bJ9
        • 02 Mar 2011

        AnyOne notice on the qwerty keyboard "Y" key position is swapped with "Z" ?? fault or it is like that in all the phones ?

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          • Herkus Mantas
          • m5N
          • 02 Mar 2011

          AnonD-1650, 02 Mar 2011E7 could have done as good as N8 in sales if it had a bette... moreYes, I agree, but unfortunately has a crappy camera :(
          Personally for me - Nokia N8 are best symbian phone, even i prefer qwerty k'boards.
          Nokia, don't make mistakes and don't install on your future Symbian phones same camera lens as has Nokia E7. And about Nokia Windows Mobile 7 phone camera lens i'm don't mind coz NEVER buy it crappy Microsoft OS.

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            • Myself
            • f41
            • 02 Mar 2011

            that CBD just plainly pwns the Super AMOLED(nt that Im expectin a bunch of fanboys te admit)

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              • Herkus Mantas
              • m5N
              • 02 Mar 2011

              AnonD-2037, 02 Mar 2011Symbian^3 is still behind Android and iOS usability standar... moreUnfortunately, your brother right!

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                • bricked
                • sXD
                • 02 Mar 2011

                Oh here we go again.

                The "Symbian is dead" theory.

                400 million people are using it. Nokia would be stupid to simply end any support or updates.

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                  • kamote
                  • 3x8
                  • 02 Mar 2011

                  i think its not a review hehehehe its like telling everyone that ios and android is better than symbian

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                    • AnonD-2037
                    • 2S}
                    • 02 Mar 2011

                    Symbian^3 is still behind Android and iOS usability standards

                    If people write this, what they consider as an usability standard ? I have used android for two months, i left. I used iphone for three days i left.

                    Usability standard is the need of person using it. Symbian 3 is definately better than previous generation. That's it. Discussion ends here.

                    There are people, who needs mobile for call, email and music and sometimes as a camera. So is it bad to have less need ? If i dont or say many people dont like to play games and have those bull shit application on my phone, is it wrong ?

                    Have a nice time.

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                      • AnonD-1566
                      • m1Y
                      • 02 Mar 2011

                      Too expensive + Symbian is slowly dying = so I abandoned that sinking ghost ship and got myself Motorola Defy... N8/E7 is a bit better built, but with every passing day I'm getting more and more angry at myself for not making that switch before :D

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                        • mughalgxt
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                        • 02 Mar 2011

                        Well reviewed! All my queries answered!

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                          • AnonD-1650
                          • fs5
                          • 02 Mar 2011

                          E7 could have done as good as N8 in sales if it had a better camera and a qwerty like the E90.

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                            • AnonD-843
                            • 2SR
                            • 02 Mar 2011

                            pretty gud phone but costly. Its should be less than 430$