Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II preview: Second encounter

13 April 2011
Having earned its place in the Android hall of fame, the original Galaxy S can start thinking about retirement. And these won’t be thoughts of fear and worry. With a replacement on its way, the veteran can look forward to getting the respects it deserves...

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  • SGM

[deleted post]You realize that Android lets you pick any launcher you want, right?

  • Anonymous

Laurynas, 13 Apr 2011I have searched some info about a "Super AMOLED" and i... morethis guy for real?? I bet you dont own any super amoled phones! Stop spamming!

  • Josh

This beast's price is announced officially to be in the range of Rs.32K-35K. Well, it is higher, but hope it gets reduced.

  • lls

I guess this phone is going to be the best of 2011 like its older brother, SGS I ... SAMMY ROCKS

  • Lise

I was wondering about the strength of the construction of the phone? Being so slim (which is fantastic) I want to be sure that sitting down with it in my pocket or whatever isn't going to cause it to break in half. How sturdy does it seem to be so far?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]It's a matter of taste. A lot of people like TouchWiz, myself included. But at the end that's the beauty of Android: you've got options! If you hate TW then you can buy a vanilla Android phone or with Sense, MotoBlur...

  • gr88ooo

wow...awesomest phone so far..its just fantabulous. Waiting for the review....kudos to Samsung for this monster!!!!

  • Cod3rror

Amazing hardware! Probably the best for 2011. Samsung has really worked on this phone.

GSMArena, in the review, please go deeper into contacts(did you know if you swipe on the contact to either left or right you can either call or text them quickly?), messages, music player, notes, and other things people use everyday. Give us more detailed review.

Also show us how text selection and Cut, Copy/Paste work on Galaxy S II, do they work with all apps?

Cover all that please.

  • GSMArena -FR- Reader

Hello dear GSMArena Staff,

please add in your soon full review sound sensitivity while recording. My 2 last Samsung phones (Tocco Ultra and Galaxy S) are a much too sensitive for cam recording in loud environment, like a concert, a music group in the street, a car's engine reving up... or just blowing wind. (If i'm saying that, it's because i have tested some other brands in loud environments not getting those problems).

Thanks in advance.

BTW, on software parts, some items are already there on 1st Galaxy S : photo editor, video editor, social Hub.. For the 2 formers, people only have to launch Samsung Apps icon to get them for free.

  • FURY

Laurynas, 13 Apr 2011I have searched some info about a "Super AMOLED" and i... moreYou are trolling that is out of 102 people -- please grow up.. All the SGS users at my work have no Burn in Problemseven though I have not asked a 102 -- if you 35% can be counted then my 8 100% can be used too so there is no Burn in Problem..makes sense doesnt it... sigh

  • FURY

AnonD-5197, 13 Apr 2011102 person sample doesn't justify your hypothetical statistic of... moreYes -- I asked my Tech friend about this issue and he said he didnt know there was a problem..he was saying the same thing if it was a major problem it would have been a main topic of slander ie IP4 reception issue. Like I said before if there is a problem I hope it takes effect on the 11th month and we can send it in and get another 11 months of usage...(wishful thinking)

  • AnonD-40

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2011Looking awesome! But the square looking UI is quite a turn off though.It was inspired by Nokia's S^3. Look at the N8 and then look at TouchWiz 4, notice the similarity of the square shaped widgets?­hp

It appears like Samsung is a secret fan of Nokia.

Just kidding! XD

  • Anonymous

Looking awesome! But the square looking UI is quite a turn off though.

  • rafaelinux__

It's just AWESOME. It's full of awesome.
I hardly ever get to compliment a Samsung phone, even less an Android one. But this... These videos are just wonderful!
It's been like since the release of the N8 that I've been like this for a phone! :O

  • Anonymous

AnonD-6106, 14 Apr 2011wel i think its just waste of money....will prefer Nokia symbian... moreI can sell you my Nokia 3310. It still works perfectly.

  • Mini Me

This is the most detailed preview i`ve seen so far on gsmarena , and for good reasons, this phone is top notch. I bet it has more tricks up it sleeve. Gsmarena please don`t forget to do a battery test ! Can`t wait for the review.

  • Anonymous

This won't be that expensive at all,hovering around 550 euro first day sim free means it'll be around the 450 euro rtg with network providers putting it around the same as every other android.And funny enough almost 150 euro cheaper than the older and faulty iphone 4 through networks on rtg

  • AnonD-40

AnonD-5197, 14 Apr 2011Quite expensive, but this is the cure for people who are sick of... moreThe SGS I9000 was pretty expensive too when it came out. It's price went down in a couple of months and I expect these dual cores to get cheaper once they start previewing the quads.

  • Anonymous

Is samsung still gonna sell this 1ghz version of the phone alongside the 1.2ghz version?

  • Laurynas

AnonD-5197, 13 Apr 2011102 person sample doesn't justify your hypothetical statistic of... moreYes, I agree with you. I understand that maybe I was to fast talking about %, I just came across this oppinion when I have visited some forums ( talking not only about this vote: ).
Anyway, according to this vote and all these Google results, we can make an conclusion - Yes there is such problem like a AMOLED screen "Burn-In" effect and it is not so rare case.