HTC Wildfire S review: S-size droid

18 May 2011
Mini phones are hot and HTC don’t want you take Sony Ericsson’s word on that. What started as a small niche is now a segment that keeps growing – and one that no manufacturer can afford to ignore. Sony Ericsson have just announced their...

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  • Adam

I had this phone in late 2010, and used it for six years as my main gadget (in parallel with a Sony Ericcson G502 until the autumn of 2012). I called it the Spartan, and it was truly a warrior. U see, at the time I had no idea bout what a so called smartphone can do, nor the fact that there were beefier and larger ones out in the market, I really didn't have a clue. I looked at it as a wondertool, and it had a futuristic smell to it, due to the fact my Dad gave it to me as a present when he came back home from England after trying his luck for me and my (our) family, but that's a story on it's own. That background made this gadget a really special one for me, and I hold it precious to my heart, altough it does not have to be a phone, anything else could've been okay with that attitude. I experimented with it a lot through the years. I was even able to emulate fifth generation video game console ROM despite it having an officially low-level performance, but I did not know about such things before. Or I could even mention just how many data I was storing on that one phone alone, simply by changing the format of every document (a myriad of pictures, videos, music and program data) , and storing them on a 2 gigabyte sd-card. The battery's lifespan was 3 years as the manufacturer told me in the texts, but the difference was only showing after 5 years, that's the only time I had to change it. There was never a sign of slowing down on this device through the 6 years. I'm really fond of it's thoughtful build, and I wonder if there will ever be a phone that matches it's parameters, it's simplicity, and the fact that it had an easily moddable operating system (I can even risk to say that the IPhone SE has nothing on this little guy). It's truly fantastic that my first experience of what a smartphone can do I lived through with this phone. I only decided to change my main device when I wasn't able to start and accept calls anymore, and I didn't have a good HTC service in the country (I couldn't afford sending it abroad, and I didn't have enough free time to learn how to fix the hardware). I finally sold it to someone, and on the money I just gained I went and bought a Windows Lumia 1050.... Not a good deal, but I won't comment on it on this page :(

  • deltot

hamrizalhamizah, 03 Sep 2012Why when I downloads some game the internal memory it's low and... moreme to I'm not dowload any application .. please help me

  • qasem

To icrase the telephone voice

  • Patar

My htc can't open the screen. The screen not sensitive to my finger. Please help me.

  • Rs

My Htc wildfire s tounchscren not funcioning .ur look like hang.? Please advice

  • AnonD-249187

HTC reports its internal memory as 512mb but it has only 150mb internal memory out of which only about 50mb is available for users. No matter if they can't provide 512mb in this price but why they are misguiding customers ? They should report its internal memory as 150mb. The gallery and music player will not open without sd card. The. Bletooth will not accept even small files if sd card is not inserted. Once you open the battery for a second, the time and date will go to the default status. Sometimes if a number is dialed by mistake, it will not end the call. I am using since july, 2013 and faced these problems.

  • Bogi

Krish, 14 Feb 2012Yes the upgrade is available now. Nice phones htc

  • mikaeel

hamrizalhamizah, 03 Sep 2012Why when I downloads some game the internal memory it's low and... moreRestart your phone i have the phone an u jus need to restart it.

  • deewan pardeep kumar

hey!i love htc and plz dont inserllt tjhis mob bcoz i m using

  • baskar sanjay

HTC Mobil phone is very nice but battery package is low..........

  • John

Terrible phone, never enough internal memory no matter what you do.

  • akash

Does it battery life is good than explorer does it support temple run game without laughing

  • helena

Hi I'm using HTC wildfire s ...I'm having problem with saving images... When I capture a photo after few minutes It's gone...there's no photo!!..the file is empty!...plz help what's happening??....thanks

  • shomy

Sound is very low ...

  • ibrahim Rabo nigeria

HTC phones are very gud the battery is nice

  • hamrizalhamizah

Why when I downloads some game the internal memory it's low and I change to SD memory it's become very low memory why?????

  • Puneet

Very nice phone,, ,,,,realy like it.....

  • Dj

how do i move applications to sd card???????????

  • vinu

How to install any application in SD card

  • vinu

Hi friends, how to manage internal memory and how to install any application in memery card