Sony Ericsson W8 review: Robot dance

27 June 2011
No pause and rewind. Fast forward instead and rebrand. The Sony Ericsson W8 is an Xperia X8 in Walkman guise. There's not even a hint of surprise about it. The Sony Ericsson W8 has no new tricks up its sleeve. It’s a year old...

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  • arbaaz Khan
  • 7tG
  • 24 Dec 2014

AnonD-12580, 01 Jul 2011Bought this phone yesterday. Loved the slick fit and finish... moreMy phone is weryy show and plecs restat.

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    • Anonymous
    • ijq
    • 02 May 2014

    i dont know

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      • karthick
      • Xu@
      • 11 Jan 2014

      it is very nice to handle.

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        • karthick
        • Xu@
        • 11 Jan 2014

        AnonD-178697, 24 Aug 2013Hi my name dayara ...!My phone sonyericsson w8 why my phone... moredownload Tubemate it will be easier todownload videos with less memory.ok

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          • lily
          • 4dZ
          • 03 Jan 2014

          This is not a very good phone to get.
          I've had this phone for a year, and it was horrible.
          I'm not sure if it was because the phone i had was kinda broken (it kept receiving duplicate and sometimes even 3 or 4 of the same text message, and i had limited texting in my plan), but it was really slow and laggy anyway.
          The screen is really small, and it is VERY hard to type, especially when you're texting.
          There is NO way to turn of the incredibly LOUD shutter sound. However, since i had a year's experience with the phone, i learned that it you cover up the little speaker on the back of your phone with your finger while you're taking a picture, the shutter sound should decrease by a lot.
          Also, when you're trying to take a picture, you have to hold the phone REALLY STILL and press the shutter button WITHOUT A TINY MOVEMENT OF YOUR HAND, or else your picture will come out BLURRY.
          I don't like how there's pretty much NO options in the camera. There isn't a self-timer, panorama, etc. There's basically nothing besides the simple camera.
          However, i do not agree with the review when it claims that the W8 has horrible camera quality. If you hold the camera still enough, the final resolution would be very clear. Before using the W8, i had another Sony Ericsson, and the picture quality was excellent.

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            • AnonD-178697
            • YTS
            • 24 Aug 2013

            Hi my name dayara ...!My phone sonyericsson w8 why my phone can no't post my photos in facebook and can no't download videos..? So you help me..! Thank you...!

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              • danicastelo
              • sF{
              • 31 Jan 2013

              How to setting my phone

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                • AnonD-105506
                • thu
                • 26 Jan 2013

                its the best

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                  • venky
                  • uvp
                  • 12 Dec 2012

                  nice phone but the phone internal memory is less to install any file.

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                    • vinwar
                    • 9Lb
                    • 26 Oct 2012

                    hey guys, how do we update the service center no in the w8 since tried and looked everywhere possible in the mobile options but couldnot find the option to update the service center # for messages. any help is appreciated. Thanks

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                      • AnonD-69597
                      • fCN
                      • 03 Sep 2012

                      guru, 15 Oct 2011hi friends i want to buy a w8.suggest t has good or badVery bad &i have w8

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                        • kiranii
                        • t1$
                        • 12 Jul 2012

                        In this phone not saporting any downlods

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                          • Yash
                          • bC9
                          • 18 Apr 2012

                          The worst mobile phone I had ever seen in my life!! Never buy....Its damn slow....!

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                            • e16i
                            • wce
                            • 30 Mar 2012

                            can this phone change to android 2.3 gingerbread??? i dont like eclair!!!

                              • P
                              • Pran
                              • ITk
                              • 14 Mar 2012

                              Plzzzz tell me if whatsapp is working on the phn and can we sycnk all the contcs frm Facebuk ? :P :) ;)
                              thnku ! ! ! !
                              Sum 1 plz teach me to root n update phn to 2.3 :(

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                                • Anonymous
                                • t1$
                                • 04 Mar 2012

                                rdgrn, 10 Oct 2011im planning to buy this phone. what is it with phone? if th... moreDont buy it I never seen worst set than this

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                                  • muru
                                  • IVL
                                  • 28 Feb 2012

                                  hai every muru from having a handphone shop.i bought a se w8 phone.its a ap set.when i one the phone the are 10 software in chinece language.the other software are in a indian guy.i dont know chinese.i dont know how to chage the software translation to english.a customer intrested in se w8.when i saw software in chinece language he dont want the phone.coz he think that this is a duplicate china model.i explain to him its a ap set.latest se w8 phone have this software.when i check with the dealer where i bought this phone they said all new set se w8 will have this chinese language soft in middle of problem can i sell this phone?is there any friends can help me on this matter.need can i change the language or can i delete the this software link with other softwares?im not sure.if anybody want to reply me you can email me at had email to the main distributor.but i have get reply yet.i found the email inside the phone.hope i will get a good reply from some one.good bye

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                                    • Akky
                                    • uCr
                                    • 07 Feb 2012

                                    i think its a cutee set

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                                      • nikz
                                      • IWT
                                      • 25 Nov 2011

                                      AnonD-12580, 08 Jul 2011Well, I updated the W8 with the latest system update from S... morehey buddy hw did u root ur 4n and aaded apps2sd mode plzz tel me,,,

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                                        • kappal
                                        • U@3
                                        • 17 Nov 2011

                                        sitha, 06 Nov 2011who can tell me How to turn off the camera shutter sound in... moreMe to don't tat

                                        But you may keep u r mobile in silent mode
                                        If u not like tat sound