HTC Salsa review: "Like" it or not

15 July 2011
It takes two to tango, HTC seem to think. The HTC Salsa joins the ChaCha in a bid to treat young Android users to as much Facebook as they can handle. The little blue button makes an appearance again, this time in a more familiar context. While the...

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  • somu
  • ub6
  • 06 May 2013

I am using this phone since last 1.5 years:

1.Screen secsitivity and touch response is excellent
2.Hardly the phone hangs
3.Fast access to applications
4. Good look and feel
5.Robust( I accidently dropped it from my hand 3-4 times and no performance issue)

1.Low internal memory issue if you install a few APK.
2. Facebook chat issue
3.Issue with configuring email accounts other than Gmail
4.Issue of HTC sync operation in USB debug mode, it worked for me only once.
5.Memory card cometimes do not fixed into the slot and comes out, and no hot swap option.

    • d
    • deeps
    • Hkq
    • 14 Feb 2013

    Nice phone

    I m happy with that phone

      • k
      • kakkar
      • bCf
      • 23 Jan 2013

      worst phone with low internal memory

        • b
        • biraj
        • swG
        • 09 Aug 2012

        I am having Problem with video call .i cant habe Video call in Skype.can any One help me out

          • t
          • tiru
          • 9Ln
          • 03 Aug 2012

          Phone sucks... U will definately get a touch problem with in a span of six month.. then it is ur luck that u atleast have to travel service centre twice a week.
          Htc services sucks.. and lastly.. no proper service centre... U have to wait for 3 weeks to get u r phone back..!! Sucks sucks sucs.. htc sucks

            • p
            • prantik
            • K60
            • 03 Aug 2012

            every thing is good 4 this phone . but there is a problem in this phone low internal memory . when u download apps u look this problem

              • r
              • raneejemma
              • vfx
              • 05 Feb 2012

              I think this phone very good specification,very fast browser,camera is good but not very good...the audio good,but i dissapointed about the f button its annoying for the smartphone,because social networking isnt the main needs for android user i think. The most i like from this phone is very fast browser.

                • A
                • Androne
                • KFM
                • 07 Jan 2012

                FACEBOOK BUTTON
                The worst thing about Salsa and Cha Cha is the Facebook button. HTC is giving more importnce to these.We cannot say how long those social netwrk sites r gonna to be popular. Like what has happnd to Orkut. One day the key will become useless and you wud want to hide this embarrassing button. This really keeps me out of these phones. Would have been good mid-range phones if that 'ANNOYING Button' was not there.

                  • D
                  • AnonD-34546
                  • y@Z
                  • 17 Dec 2011

                  defy+ is gonna cost more they are upgrading it to a dual core processor a
                  better gpu and with front cam and a GB update definitely it look like
                  ATRIX then.. and will be priced at 20+K . i would like to shae a big source of DEFY info

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 2@Y
                    • 17 Dec 2011

                    which phone is better htc salsa or wildfire s //

                      • J
                      • John
                      • LCe
                      • 11 Dec 2011

                      Anyone has such problem? After recent update my Salsa won't turn on flash when recording video. in camera mode in works fine.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 3ZH
                        • 31 Oct 2011

                        The camera quality is a disaster. Why did you say that it's "fine"? It's not about sharpness here but images turn out purple!
                        Also, the "like" button spoiled it all.

                          • U
                          • Umesh
                          • utP
                          • 18 Sep 2011

                          It doesnt support Video calling over 3G(Network Operator), it does support Video calling over internet using Skype or Tango applications, this is really huge setback even after having front cam.

                            • a
                            • anu
                            • wdQ
                            • 18 Sep 2011

                            I have just bought the salsa..I quite liked it compared to what I thought about all the HTC phones...
                            Apart from facebook, touch is awesome, browsing is faster..screen simulation while playing games like ANGRY BIRDS is no less than I PHONE..I would rather say that HTC SALSA gives competition to lot of other droid phones in the market...

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • v$C
                              • 15 Sep 2011

                              Hello,Salsa is one of good smart phone of android family in middle budget segment with dual camera

                                • G
                                • Groucho
                                • SXx
                                • 12 Sep 2011

                                It does not support flash

                                  • D
                                  • Deepak
                                  • w49
                                  • 12 Sep 2011

                                  HTC salsa supports flash lite and not flash as told in the review. I could not log into youtube or dailymotions and watch videos. but i could watch videos only via youtube app and dailymotion app.

                                  Plz dont confuse us. i bought this mobile thinking it supports adobe flash 10.3 as told in ur review ... huh!

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 2@k
                                    • 28 Aug 2011

                                    The HTC Salsa comes with full Flash support? Does that mean you can play videos on any site or only youtube? Is this function is on galaxy ace? If it supports then it is a good mid range phn coz it has better ram, front cam, flash support which no other company's mid range phone has.

                                      • G
                                      • GC
                                      • vwp
                                      • 18 Aug 2011

                                      Pls not one more thing its the only midrange android phone which is with front camera ..... for video calling

                                        • S
                                        • Sitaram Sen
                                        • t}A
                                        • 03 Aug 2011

                               nice.....Thank you