Nokia C2-02 review: A simple touch

17 August 2011
As Nokia smartphones struggle to hold the line against the storming droids, more and more pressure falls on their feature-phone squad. It will be up to those foot soldiers to buy enough time for the heavily armed Windows Phone 7 reinforcements to arrive...

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  • Anonymous

Nokia wants to revice there all old selected mobile phones in 2019.They are very strong phones

  • Anonymous

Nokia is giving quality in Mobile phones.And Nokia wants to give this quality in 2019 mobile phones also.

  • Nip

I wan2 know why nokiac2-o2not supported youtube video?

  • Anonymous

very nice mobil c2-02 i like it. . .

  • gb

someone please give me this c2 phone

  • Dawg

can you download whatsapp?

  • mohammadluqman918@ya

i think that i am so foolish that i buy this phone in u.a.e at 750dhs in carrefoure

  • ankur

Mohit malik, 26 Jul 2012I like this phoneits touch is the only/ main problem.
after 3-4 months it will be numbless whether you calibrate it or not

  • Ashish

I dont like this phone. Very hanging phone vedbo player is not good very very very bad phone.

  • Mohit malik

I like this phone

  • HHW

This is the worst phone I have EVER owned! I have had so many issues with this phone it is unreal! DO NOT BUY ONE!

  • Shamon

I like this c2-02 phone because, i have no money to buy a good phone,

  • Sharfraj

I dont like this phone

  • Lovish

It is not at al perfect phone ,the mp4 qality is very very very bad

  • lala

I got this phone yeaterday as a gift, and i love it for what it does. All I need in a phone is it's basic features, and this phone does it for me. Very simple to use! Do not compare it to the advanced models of phones bacuse we are talking about cheap and simple phone. I have another one android and i prefer this one better because I dont need a phone to play games or search the internet, I have my lap top for that. I need a phone to make calls set up alarm and write text messages, and this one does all that perfectly, it fits my needs!

  • sfiso

I dont think its a networkng phone for now my phone does go to internet and its do slow

  • Uday singh

Very bad phone he is not sopport mp4 and youtube

  • Anonymous

c2-02 youtube is not working

  • AnonD-36875

Nice phone

  • rell

how can i customize my security?..especially for my messages /.... ty