Sony Ericsson Xperia mini review: Small is the new big

26 August 2011
It comes in a small package but has power to spare. Lovely little phone, assuming you can keep up with it. The Sony Ericsson Xperia mini is a full-fledged smartphone and youíll need to be at ease with its multiple identities. But itís not moping around...

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  • shameem

AnonD-33563, 09 Dec 2011never buy this one me and my friend bought this facing heat issu... moreHello Friend
This phone is very nice i am also using this one last five months
I am also having same HEAT PROBLEM
Best Solution is just go SONY ERICSSON SERVICE CENTRE & told over heat problem. They Installed a calibration software and format and new OS is installed

  • Anonymous

Hey everyone out there it's my best gadget ever, not only by performance but also by it's compact and styles looks. I also did faced some key malfunction probs but thank god to se service center. They solved it. So don't hesitate to get this pice of beauty. Because it's simply the best in its price range in the market

  • Kyle

Im planning 2 buy xperia mini dis week but i doubt bcoz of wat ive read hir..plz help coz diz is d firstym i try 2 use SE

  • vijay

How is the connectivity of this phone Xperia mini?
Presently i am using SE w8 my badluck is that wifi as well as are not connecting well.eventhogh i am sitting beside a wireless router it shows connected but of no use.. i am vesed up with sony products.

  • AnonD-33563

never buy this one me and my friend bought this facing heat issue causing auto close of anything we try to open

  • sbu

2B honest nothing beats Nokia N70 guyz.i h've had this phone 4 5years no problem

  • Aparadectos

I have this phone for 3 weeks.
Comparing to the 3.5 X10, its seems way much smoother and faster.
It can handle the same games and apps better.
The loudspeaker is louder, the display is much crispier and with excellent visibility.
The touchscreen is far more responsive. The GPS, is at least as accurate.
Unlike the previous mini, this mini made no compromises to performance.
As i use 2phones, i cant have 2 bricks and i appreciate the smaller dimensions.
The big brick is ideal for my multimedia, browsing and GPS needs, but the small one has turned out to be my primary!!
Hopefully more companies will follow this example and start offering the edge of tech, in such a compact size.
If one doesnt need the Galaxy s2 size screen, either because he carries another brick, pad or laptop.
He should have the option of currying such a mini wonder, without compromises in performance (because these compromises do matter in everyday music, from text messaging, to gaming)

  • Vina

Quovadisdika, 04 Sep 2011Please test recording video in silent room..and hear the playbac... moreWhat an awesome way to explain this-now I know evreyhitng!

  • AnonD-16633

Anonymous, 10 Nov 20111.Really bright screen which consumes a lot of battery even at l... morenever had it ???
that's a relief, cause i like this phone and i have the idea that it's a lost cause ! :S

  • Anonymous

1.Really bright screen which consumes a lot of battery even at low brightness.
2.Picture and Video capture quality is just average, HD resolution does not make a big difference.
3.Features added by Sony comes in Handy.
4.You will like the phone at first sight but few essentials like Task manager, Secondary camera & File manager you will definitely miss.
PS:Never had the heating issue.

  • Anonymous

awikaw, 23 Sep 2011can this play hq games?maybe the game you have installed is not compatible xperia mini

  • paulo espiritu

I think the malfunctioning of the touch pad cause by the overheating of the phone and battery cannot be fixed but it can be prevented. The touch pad of the xperia mini react on heat so when the phone and battery heats up it became abnormal. I haven't experience that kind of problem. Just like the cpu and the power supply of the desktops and laptops they overheat when you use it too long the, so does the xperia mini. I use to turn off my phone at least 30min to 1hr a day after i charge the battery to cool down the system. i think thats the only way to prevent the overheating of the xperia mini.... Im so invove with my phone. hope the coment helps everyone having the problem in their phone...

  • moresms-org

i have this xperia mini i bought it last month and have problem with its capacitive key that working without any press and its made me frustating. please do not buy this phone except you have a lot of money. almost perfect phone if the capacitive key working properly.

  • pacodani

PLEASE, ATTENTION FOR FUTURE BUYERS. Many of the units of this phone present a malfunction related to overheating. This makes the phone unusable. Please, read carefully the post at SE forum before buying:

  • kuldeep

xperia mini pro is best phone because in the phone 5 MP camera & HD recording & lots more function & it's very economically compare to another xperia phone THENKE YOU TO SONY ERICSSON & GSMARENA

  • awikaw

can this play hq games?

  • Lorren

al, 03 Sep 2011Have this phone since 2 weeks, its a really great one and a real... moreI'll try to put this to good use immdeialtey.

  • AnonD-1267

AnonD-20875, 06 Sep 2011can we do video calling in this mobile.. using d single back cam... moreVideo calling works with Skype over 3g and wifi. You have to use the rear camera to allow your recipient to see you. Otherwise Skype works pretty well.

  • AnonD-20875

can we do video calling in this mobile.. using d single back camera.. did any 1 tried video calling in 3g network..

  • Quovadisdika

al, 03 Sep 2011Have this phone since 2 weeks, its a really great one and a real... morePlease test recording video in silent room..and hear the playback..'cause the static noise issue in minipro, makes me doubt to buy this mini..