Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review: Droid at large

08 September 2011
Tablets are basking in well-deserved attention and manufacturers know they need to try hard and make their devices distinct and memorable. Truly unique gadgets are hard to come by these days - especially in Honeycomb land. Which is perhaps part of the...

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  • darkangels6sic6

Bill, 10 Sep 2011This tablet is NOT recommended if you are on a Fixed Data Plan w... moreIt's called keep watch of your data. How the hell does that have anything to do With Samsung. That's also why there is wifi. If you buy a tab and have a crappy internet plan and go over you data allowence that is your problem alone. If anything blame the providers for offering horribly shi*** data plans. Intact they shouldn't be allowed to do everything they are but are getting away with it anyways

  • AnonD-12457

who would want to purchase such tablet while the 7.7 is months away with a monster screen and perfect size !!!

  • AnonD-9023

Very dumb move by samsung , instead of wasting money for extra resolution or other things , they should have given double storage like , 32 gb for 499 and 64 for 599 .
i didn't buy tablet because of too low storage since multimedia and internet + apps are really big deal on these tablets. why too low storage on tablets just like phones ?

i didnt buy iPad and waited for this hoping to get double storage for same money and after they said 16gb for 499 i felt its waste to buy this year . probably i buy it 2013 lol hope tablets have like 128 gb storage .

  • Eingild

Seeing all these iOS and Android tablet madness, I only learned one thing. Wait for Windows 8.

  • Bill

This tablet is NOT recommended if you are on a Fixed Data Plan with your Provider.
There is NO compliable application for this tablet on the market yet, with which you can monitor your daily, weekly, or monthly the data traffic usage.

Samsung seems to believe, everybody has access to an unlimited Internet usage.
But that is not the case at all, a large number of use still stick to their providers monthly data packages of 250MB to 3GB.
Itís not fun at all to surf the net in the dark not knowing how much data was being used, or how much the bill might be at the end of the month.
Samsung Care for your costumes please & fix the problems with the Android implementation on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 10.1v. hopefully a future update will fix that.

Best regards,


  • Anonymous

Why do all reviews of tegra2-based devices fail to note that this platform is not able to handle H.264-high-profile playback. There's lots of video content in the wild that these devices cannot play. It's true that high-quality content looks better on a bigger screen, but a lot of sources don't even offer a lower quality stream leaving these tablet high and dry.

  • AnonD-123

Ashura, 08 Sep 2011How bad were said reviews?The keyboard dock looks interestingOne review said that there were some issues with it. It didn't always work and he had to reinsert it Some comments also indicate this as well. Not sure if it was a production unit or a demo unit that had the issues.

The bracket that holds the tablet in place juts out the top of the keyboard making carrying the keyboard in a bag a little inconvenient. It is possible that the bracket may scratch things inside the bag. It is possible to remove that bracket to make the unit more streamlined for transporting. In contrast, if you are transporting the Eee Pad Transformer with dock, you place the tablet in the dock and it closes like a clam shell similar to a netbook or PC.

There is also some inconvenience caused when inserting the tablet into the dock. It changes the keyboard on the tablet to the Samsung one. If you use a different virtual keyboard, you have to reset it every time you remove the tablet from the dock.

I'm disappointed that it appears that Samsung rushed the keyboard dock out. This is the feeling I get reading some reviews.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer current sets a pretty high standard for keyboard docks for tablets. One of the features I was looking for in the Samsung keyboard dock is the ability to change the angle of the tablet when it is docked. It appears that when you insert the Galaxy Tab into the dock, the angle of the tablet is fixed.

The keyboard dock does appear to be designed to fit different sizes of Galaxy Tabs. I'm not absolutely sure if you need to replace the mounting bracket to fit other sized Tabs.

  • Hmm

Been using an Android for a while and recently decided to bite the bullet and purchased an Ipad 2. I must say after using Android for so long, I found the Ipad to be extremely stale. It was frustrating to use and the static homescreens with lack of customization left me wondering whether I should have purchased a Galaxy Tab instead...

  • swiss guy

dont bother, it s BANED in europe.

  • Breal4life

I've had one of these for about a week now and I love it. It does everything and I dont even have to hook it up to my pc to transfer files to and from the tablet. I found an app in the market that lets you transfer files wirelessly over wifi. The only problem I have with honeycomb is that a lot of the apps are not optimized for the device yet but everyday something new pops up. It really is a beautiful device and I would highly recommend it because it light, productive, attractive, fun to use, battery life is really good and the things plays just about every piece of audio and video files I have thrown at it. Not to mention you can even customize the UI and make the device truly yours. I have adw launcher on mines and I love the customization features.

  • ruben

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2011really nice tab, but still on the search for a app which can cou... moretraffic monitor, droidstats (for free)

  • ruben

Ashura, 08 Sep 2011As the poster before me said and as i said myself Ipad is the mo... morefor me ferrari its the best car but not the most sold, sales of a product its not a way to compare quality sales just probe good marketing and fashion, im my opinion every tablet whit android give me what i need and freedom for customizes and IOS don´t. samsung vs apple for me samsung android vs IOS for me of course android

  • Anonymous

Dejavu lt, 08 Sep 2011Android and tablet? Thanks, but no, not at this moment. Zero app... moreim sure that you dont now nothing about android

  • Griff

Love this tablet!

Hope this is back on the market now, here in the UK and everywhere else. No idea what the problem with apple is (scared of a little competition maybe or don't like the fact that someone has made a tablet lighter and thinner than the ipad who knows?) but I have to say looking at the 2 side by side, they do not look the same!

Got to get me one of these bad boys.

  • Anonymous

Still prefer iPad or Sony S Series.

  • aj

ultimately the simplicity of ios shall score over android...its simplicity has won over kids & grand-moms alike all over the world

  • swiss guy

android is good for phone.tablets are good if not more than 300$.
what u want do with a tablet? write email, surf?for 600 euro.can u at least plug a 1T hardrive and watch your movies from the external driver?
ipad resell is very good.
all these tablet have a poor resulution and are very expensives.
i need a true tablet where i can do more than my netbook.Window8?
and for 100$ you have the HP touchpad.

  • Luke

Very nice review & GUI walkthrough. Still for that price I can't see any benefit of having a tab instead of sub sized notebook with Win OS. It will be definitely heavier, but who cares about half a kilo more - both devices require both hands for usage anyway.
If it was 350 Euro I wouldn't mind, but for that price it makes no sense.
It looks impressive however, how tablets are now closer to the PC usage-multiple tabs, app overlay, etc.

  • AnonD-21393

Sony S1 to Launch in First Half of September as Sony Tablet S go to..­/sony-s1-to-launch-in-first-half-of.html

  • Anonymous

really nice tab, but still on the search for a app which can count data traffic accurate. There is no app on the markt yet which does that job for "this tablet", its such a pitty, not knowing how much data (KB, MB or GB) you spent / used, if you have a fixed dataplan with your operator.
3G Watchdog, Netcounter, Traffic Counter etc. and all the rest of them just dont work :(
Any idea! ?