Nokia C2-03 review: Twice the phone

23 September 2011
Touchscreen and a hardware numpad in a slider form factor, complete with dual-SIM support - the Nokia C2-03 will be stepping on many toes. It's a phone that knows its place though and has no problem living within its own means...

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  • Naveen

Now i am thinking why i am buy this mobile. Thats why now days in market NOKIA in the down market. O my god start bad luck nokia company beacause i buy worest mobile from nokia.

  • sabby

Grace, 19 Dec 2011Ask for more? Nope. This C2-03 is just fine for the basic phone.... moreThe C2-03 is the best phone I fine. I JUST LOVE IT. You should know hownto handle the phone then the things become more easy.

  • Grace

Ask for more? Nope. This C2-03 is just fine for the basic phone...the best of the best ones indeed...I think that would be Nokia strategy to back to basic when it is fail to win smartphones competition.

  • Emeline

Ghana boy, 19 Nov 2011simply put, am disappointed in NokiaNo complaints on this end, smpily a good piece.

  • Seven

AnonD-22477, 20 Oct 2011Don't Buy this Phone Guys this phone is Not Good only nokia have... moreI can't bieelve I've been going for years without knowing that.

  • Vina

kool, 05 Oct 2011No. While we r on other call in sim 1 or 2 then other sim wont work.With the bases loaded you struck us out with that asnewr!

  • Cassie

Unwol, 02 Oct 2011Yes.. This isn't a good phone, there's so many features lacking ... moreTHX that's a great asnwer!

  • Pc

I was thinking about this phone. But the comment are not impressive . What i do.

  • faisal

Nokia C2-03 is the phone ugly/useless phone which i had used from the last 10 years. if any body is planning to buy this phone don't go for it, please go for any other model. because i am suffering too much with this

  • Ghana boy

simply put, am disappointed in Nokia

  • psrai

The 10.00 MB memory is itself less but sizable proportion of this 10MB filled with applications which are rarely used makes many useful applications dam slow.

Google mobile map application is not getting installed.At least I could not install despite several trials. However Mobile GMaps can be installed and it works fine. This map connects with external GPS device and makes real time GPS data available depending upon the device used. I'm using "65C GPS data logger, Model BTGP-38KM" and it works fine.Several options are available in GMaps. I normally use "Yahoo India Map" or "Open Street Map (Mapnik" with an external bluetooth GPS device and these maps work fine.

Due to slow speed finding directions takes time, and often fails thoug realb time data we continue to get.

  • anil

lot of disadvantages

  • misu

i bought C2-03 its really a boring phone and waste of money.please can any one help whenever i connect with my pc it shows ovi suite not pc suite. how iconnect with pc suite.

  • siva

this is the nokia's one of wprst model. please friends don't buy this phone because internal memory is 10mb but predefined games and apps stored in 8.5mb once you buy the you feel very much

  • Daxesh

dont buy t its a bad phone it has only 8mb phone memory in which 7mb is filled with apps dont buy this worst phone

  • Ashraf

please dont buy this phone it will make you mad by rebooting again &again

  • neel

I have been using this over a month now, i am unpleasent with downloading bcause wen u download from OVI store it asks a option to memory card bt other website it is not there if i get this corrected i will b happy..

  • AnonD-27853

there's price there's quality..!!
let's talk about nokia n8 or other smart phone to waste our disappointed..!!

  • AnonD-22477

Don't Buy this Phone Guys this phone is Not Good only nokia have advertise better .. look good when u download bigger amount size of file the phone rebooted. slowing down some time.. only waste for money to buy

  • Anonymous

The review says that you can set the phonebook to display contacts from the phone memory, SIM memory or both but i dont see that option. It is displaying all my contacts from both sims and phone. Any owner out there can tell me how?