Alcatel OT-S853 review: A music touch

15 January 2006
Now, we can introduce to you one of the most expected mobile phones lately, the music Alcatel OT S853. It has stereo speakers, supports Bluetooth and EDGE, ordinary headphones may be connected. This is an Alcatel, we may expect a good price/ performance ratio.

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  • audrey from the phil

all the features of alcatel ot.s853 is nice i like it i use it very usefull.but when it turns to have a problem im the same audrey that commented erlyer.pls help me.

  • audrey

my phne have a problem whe i open it it will open with only a white light the sound is workin but the featured screen is not showing pls help me to pix my i know the problem of my phne?pls reply alcatel company.

  • karim

well how i wish it can hold up to that 2 GB memory you were talking...but as to the manual that was with the phone when we buy it, it can only hold up to 512 MB for normal operation... but with the help of GSMarena they were able to use 1GB of memory and told us that it can handle such memory...well thanks to them... so my advise is to treat your phone as a phone...not an mp3 player or a PSP player...well i have 150 songs and 30 games on my phone but i always make sure that it has still free space of 20% and my phone memory at 95%...thats how my phone is now...

  • jam

cool phone...nice stereo has everything i wanted for a cheaper price....i recommend this phone.

  • Andre

Nice design with good features. I was shure this waw the phone I was looking for even though I am left handed, I'll get used to it(the directional key is situated on the left) . To bad I can't find it in Cyprus. I would be grateful if somebody would search on the web and inform me if they find anything