BlackBerry Torch 9860 review: Keyless, not clueless

29 September 2011
No QWERTY keyboard, no SurePress clickable screen gimmickry, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 is taking the plunge. Not the first time that RIM are venturing into touchscreen but they're past the point of no return with this one...

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  • my name is Afwaan kh

My best phone only blackberry

  • Aj

i hope it supports Viber app. it's my 1st BlackBerry phone. hope it can play videos through youtube and other sites. thanks.

  • Lem

Nice wonderful easy to use it berry fast browsing

  • rabdy

I think I wnt to buy this phone.. but I don't know how much price.. and why life batery not good.. I think blackberry officer discuss about this.. bored to use android phone.. so I hope this phone cn make me enjoy.

  • Young knight

I want to the bb touch 3 and I want to know how good ti is

  • AnonD-53494

This BB is smart and efficient. Magnifient to use. Fast internet, responsive touch and relatively good batteries. Nimble to handle fantastic canera with flash and superb video recording, but terrible for gaming ab has fragile side keys You can't have it all.

  • Toushif

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2011excellent piece. right on point.How is its camera????

  • manufos

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2011Blackberry has its foot in South Africa. Where the blackberry se... moreYou're right blackberry has very strong presence in the emerging markets. The 9860 has all any blackberry user will need, btw this is my 1st blackberry.

  • mai

i am the very newbie for using blackberry, and i choose monza (9860) as my gadget. so far, i do looovvee this monza. easy restart,easy turn on,and also have a very amusing security on its applications. i can choose custom permission so that the applications won't be connected to internet,so that my baterry won't be running out quickly,and my monza won't be so long to load. the augmented reality is giving me soo much advantages.therefore,the documents to go is very useful for my tasks&college's is very effective in cost since it gives me much more advantages

  • shaheen

Dos it support viper app. ?

  • Md Salman

Hi guys pleaz suggest me best BB. cuz I wnt only BB phone. I dnt wnt android or something

  • chelsea

just swapped iPhone 4 to blackberry torch and i love it i kind of regret it a little i have sent back my torch over 5 times in 2 months good job i have insurance lol my opinion do not get this phone as i am waiting till the iPhone 5 comes out. went to o2 shop and they says that i shouldn't get a blackberry now its not like a salesman to say no. so what does that tell you!!!! x

  • jeffkoe

I don't see BlackBerry having that big of a problem with a recovery. Their present handsets are easily holding their resale value and remain in high demand, and they continue to have avid followers.

  • Parth Mistry

PRADY, 29 Sep 2011FIRST... Blackberry is the best.No other mobile is like blackberry, and blackberry torch 9860 is awsome phone I love it.........

  • Anonymous

I'll explain why the blackberry phones are so way behind:-
1. They have been all around the world buying best hardware/software companies so that when they start to build a phone that is way f***ing better that iPhones or Androids, you'd wanna throw any other phone out of your window into the trash.
2. They've been improving their securities by building strong encrytion codes. Wait 1 or 2 yrs and you'll be like WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! iPhones and androids will be full of viruses while the BB's will be SuperSecure(p.s.- androids are already full of viruses just google it & you'll see just how much unsecure you are)
3. Blackberry don't have enough apps- hmmm... F***ING WRONG!!!! They've added the support for android apps.

Just wait till BB10 comes out. F**K YEAH BABY!!!

  • Daddy

Blackberry is prob the most inspiring.. ! RIM stands out today .. it connects the world..! and Hell yeah!! Torch has made history. I badly wanted to buy Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman ! But u noe.. wat in the shop .. I changed ma mind.. BB owns ! sersly.. I couldnt ever give up on BB ! hell yeah.

  • chef inno

I have more then 100s friend in all over the world... And most of them also have the other smartsphone even the latest model... But they always keep their blackberry on their side to connect to each other real time... All the time... Not with iphone or others..
Blackberry is for person who have high socialita cumminity...

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry is superb. I bought Galaxy Note last Month but still loves using my BlackBerry Torch. Note is like a browsing and gaming device but my Torch is still my main especially since BIS cost less than 15 USD per month.

  • Torch

IOS and Droid better than BB7?
Sure, because they have more apps.

They are better hardwares out there than the Torch 9860?
Sure, Samsung, HTC, Iphone.

But Torch still has its place in the market.
One of their market is the existing BB users waiting to upgrade.
The type of corporate users that have restricted choice due to company policies. And that is where their BBM and push enough still reign supreme.

I for one am glad that they attempt to inject the "fun" element into this phone, something that you don't associate with BB phones. Because I will need a BB device for work use, and this upgrade is not just another BB phone with the same old keyboard.

  • Anonymous

one rubbish phone