Apple iPhone 4S review: Fast 4ward

21 October 2011
The last thing you need is one that looks exactly like your ex. On a second thought, it's too early perhaps to end it. You two did look great together, your iPhone 4 and you. In fact you still do. iPhone 4S owners, this is between you and your phone's inner voice - Siri. iPhone 4 owners, this...

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  • Sinoj

Just planned to buy an iphone 4s ,but after reading its drawbacks from the first page , decided to buy a SG S2 OR a NEXUS PRIME or New moto RAZAR . Dear friends is it a good decision ? Thanks gsmarena for giving a unbiased review .

  • AnonD-1082

Ashura, 21 Oct 2011Get Liam O´Brian as the male voice for siri and i wil... moreI'll get one if they have Bree Olson's voice doing the dub. XD

Btw, is Siri coming to your iPad 2? I was thinking of getting one or maybe I should just wait for the iPad 3.

  • Anonymous

Not worth the upgrade if Youu already have an iphone4. It would be best to try something different like the galaxy s2 with android while apple develops the iPhone 5. Besides the camera and processor, I can't justify upgrading to something almost exactly he same as the iPhone 4.... And this isn't. Heap as well.

  • Chrishd3z

[deleted post]Another fail? Please explain... As far as I can see this is an outstanding product. I actually bought one on release date and finally left Android behind. I am surprised at how beautifully made this device is. Im also thrilled with the "battery life" and performance. The camera is amazing and I've been able to take great shoots night and day. The only place it might fail is the screen sized. It's small compared to other android phones I used but I can live with that.

  • Ashura

Get Liam O´Brian as the male voice for siri and i will buy the 4S just to hear his voice XD
Just kidding i would never buy a phone just for that

  • Judge

Thought it would have at least 4", but stuck at 3.5" makes no doubt for me. SGSII is still king for me :)

  • AnonD-16294

Who borrowed the voice for Siri? It's very sexy ...;)

  • Anonymous

Why it doesnt have such stupidity as FM radio? Even 10 years old phones have radios!!!!

  • Worker

- No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode (independent from iTunes)
- No microSD card slot
- Non-user-replaceable battery

This is too much restrictive and it is not for me i like Android.