Nokia 500 review: In search of Anna

24 October 2011
The new generation of 1GHz Symbian- powered phones can get far. They need a place to start though and the Nokia 500 is happy to help. The common belief seems to be that there are more exciting things than Symbian on a budget. OK, well, the Nokia 500 is supposed to make you reconsider...

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  • Debasish
  • uvf
  • 07 Apr 2012

I want to play HD video on my Nokia 500, but the default video player is unable to play it. So what video player should i install and from where did i found that?

    • s
    • sid
    • fCU
    • 23 Mar 2012

    my nokia 500 having probem while connecting with thats why i m not able to update my nokia mobile.

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      • AnonD-47082
      • L94
      • 19 Mar 2012

      This is dumbest phone i`ve ever had. Literally a piece of garbage. Basic smartphone stuff is not available for this thing, like skype, gmail chat etc. even finding a good, working app is a hassle. And be aware of belle! I `upgraded` and it`s even worse than the previous was.

      it`s a dumbphone, annoying garbage.

        • k
        • ketan
        • Xuu
        • 19 Mar 2012

        value of money

          • O
          • OMG 500 !
          • 7tx
          • 17 Mar 2012

          Has it (500) any brightness problem ?? bcz i see dat nokia 5230 has more brighter screen !! reddiculsssss....

            • a
            • arun
            • 7j%
            • 12 Mar 2012

            plz sugst me gys which pho is gd nokia 500or samsung wave y5380

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              • nani
              • utr
              • 23 Feb 2012

              all the features are good but there is a software problem

                • M
                • Max
                • s8F
                • 16 Feb 2012

                i think its high time tat gsm arena gives nokia 500 a second try.... u'l b surprised how phone wrks on belle..
                n da ram prob can be sorted by any free ram software

                  • D
                  • AnonD-35483
                  • uvt
                  • 15 Feb 2012

                  lol @ gsm arena...thought u guys were qualified enough for reviewing phones! u cant understand why the phone lags despite 1 ghz processor?wow just wow
                  its coz the phone doesnt have a dedicated gpu which is its biggest flaw not ur usual list of "cut and paste" cons for symbian phones!
                  the lack of gpu causes the processor to do the work of gpu and eats up the ram so much that after booting the free ram is only 60 mb! {use a ram application} though the ram is listed as 256 mb the ram for practical use is 60 mb! thats why the phone lags. not coz of the un optimized software lol...
                  atleast try to get to know a phone before posting a review...
                  and yeah it wont get better with belle coz the problem is the lack of gpu not software related...

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                    • ex-nokia fan
                    • sqj
                    • 24 Jan 2012

                    Big Mike, 18 Nov 2011Used to ONLY buy Nokia(back in the day.)I now have a SGS II... morethis is exactly how I feel about Nokia.

                      • v
                      • vshl2995
                      • uv1
                      • 06 Jan 2012

                      hey does it have a digital compass for navigation? Its written in specs but not mentioned anywhere in review?

                        • R
                        • Ravi
                        • utM
                        • 29 Dec 2011

                        Its not working well , restart problem

                          • L
                          • Laz
                          • mhT
                          • 19 Dec 2011

                          That's a bit odd. Another site told it was very good and pretty snappy. I've tested Nokia 500 numerous times and for its price (150 euros) it feels quite fast. Hardly any lag at all eventhough it was configured with different wallpapers on each homescreen. Definetaly nothing serious or deal breaking imo. Navigation softwares etc were pretty fast. I mean it's not the most superb fastest handset on market, but for it's pretty ok price. I've used slower androids that's for sure.

                          One thing to remember imo, is that Nokia is the only one with decent turn by turn car and walking navigation. This is a major benefit for most. Atleast it should be. Worth 50-70 euros at least.

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • PRW
                            • 18 Dec 2011

                            Sad & happy N97 , 25 Oct 20111 Ghz cpu + 5 mp camera and it only manages VGA at 15 fps. ... morehey my Nokia 5230 can shoot 30fps video recording with 434Mhz proc without 3D GPU :D look about android phone they have 3D GPU but only 15fps video recording what a joke.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • PRW
                              • 18 Dec 2011

                              any information about 3D GPU in this phone???

                                • l
                                • lordstar
                                • s{K
                                • 30 Nov 2011

                                Software version 11.033 is now available for the Nokia 500.

                                Completely enhances the stability and performance of the phone.
                                Finally feels like a 1ghz processor phone
                                web browser much more smooth, now auto hides while scrolling, bounce effect
                                social app is much faster to load
                                goodjob nokia! Thank you for giving us a software update worth downloading.

                                  • s
                                  • sandy
                                  • 7j$
                                  • 27 Nov 2011

                                  this phone has restart problem.anna is not up to the mark.i hope belle will be up to the mark.

                                    • m
                                    • mak
                                    • vwe
                                    • 26 Nov 2011

                                    probalm fone atomitic restar

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Mfx
                                      • 23 Nov 2011

                                      deepak kumar, 17 Nov 2011hiiiiiii guys.... Plz wait new softwear belle... Your all... morewhy i should believe you? are you a nokia guy :P

                                        • B
                                        • Big Mike
                                        • n{a
                                        • 18 Nov 2011

                                        Used to ONLY buy Nokia(back in the day.)I now have a SGS II. The way it's going right now, you'd think Apple, Samsung, LG, SE, etc sent in a Task force to infiltrate Nokia's R&D Dept and sabotaged it. People insist on RELIABLE software and GOOD cameras - even if they hardly ever take a photo(I made the mistake last year of trying Nokia(AGAIN)but got ropey pics and even ropier software on my X3-02. Fixed focus won't be replacing auto focus anytime soon Nokia. The big players eventually listened to us and managed to sort out most software/usability issues, all except Nokia. In the days of the 3310, Nokia were the kings and held all the aces, now they've become the jokers in the pack.