Siemens S75 review: Serious competitor

05 February 2006
The new Siemens Class S is not just a „boring“ mobile phone meant for work. Apart from luxury elegancy, brilliantly elaborated functions and fast data transfers, it offers an excellent MP3 player and a high-class camera. And what about the price? It’s so low that it is hard to believe.

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  • h.kie

to siemens fans, try motorola ve538, siemens os dressed by motorola manufacture by benq siemens, we can use theme for siemens sxg75, benqsiemens E71,EF91 etc and it works, ihave try it, i have siemens m75 i buy motorola ve538 because siemens os and 3g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Stupid

avijit paul, 17 Nov 2006what ever may be Siemens is a very good example of engineer... moreI'm using a first generation s75 with FW 47 but it still hang alot and a bit slow... However, I like the OS. It's a lot useful compare to the latest Sybian OS.. Music playback with headset rocks... Will Siemens make a comeback in 2010?

  • avijit paul

what ever may be Siemens is a very good example of engineering. But due to bad fate and bad timing it was not market as expected.Siemens offer first mp3 player with mobile phone when no one can imagin that.Some one feel it's hard to operate but it's an engineer phone for technically minded people.
I feel very sad that this good engineering will never comes to market again.