Samsung Exhibit II 4G review: Second time around

1 December 2011
The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is aimed primarily at commitment-challenged consumers. Being one of the quickest product sequels we’ve seen in a while, the device is marketed mostly as a Pay as you go phone, which offers you the full...

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  • AnonD-280676

Thank you for help...

  • ava

Why this phone not workin with d blackberry app

  • Anonymous

Just about the crappiest smart phone you could buy. sometimes when typing the keypad freezes and dosnt respond. TERRIBLE at multi - tasking. Save your money and get an iphone

  • jaba

this phone has a little bit of issues i been having this phone for about one year and the thing that sucks is when your going to take a picture you cant zoom in!! if you can then how do you do it?
?? i been also has trouble loading my pics and the web.

  • Anon

Hey guys. This phone actually has issues on the T-Mobile network sometimes and they know it (and won't fix it). I have read, however, of one guy who flashed his phone to RebelROM and this has fixed all issue for him, so it may work for everyone else, too. If you have this phone and are a power user, it may behoove you to give this a shot. Just thought I'd share. Good luck!

  • AnonD-55044

This phone really did do what it was marketed to do. My wife and I had been AT&T contract customers for about 4-5 years when we decided to make the jump to T-Mobile because of their incredibly priced pre-paid plans. (700 shared min w/ unlimited texts for $110 a month vs. 1500 min/texts each line for $60... not a tough choice). We unlocked our Eternity's and used them on Tmobiles network for a bit before they both had come to an uncertain demise and finally broke. The Exhibit II is an afforadable leap into smartphones without being tied down with a contract.

The device itself I have found to be a bit frustratingly slow (especially when it decides to take it's time updating/responding when all I want to do is make a call, which is what a phone is for, right?) However, the price to functionality aspect is great which makes it a good buy and a great alternative to anyone who doesn't want to be tied into a data plan and contract.

I do plan on unlocking these phones as well and expanding our coverage by using a SIM card for a Straight Talk plan in order to get AT&T's more vast coverage with unlimited 3G data for a little less then T-mobiles least expensive pre-paid unlimited plan ($50).


AnonD-31103, 02 Dec 2011When Will GSM Arena Review The Galaxy W ? never ..get off the android train its going nowhere slowly

  • mahesh

no one giving right information how to purchase dis mobile


mano, 20 Dec 2011HSDPA speed is 14.4 is better than this rate of othe... morethat's good

  • mano

HSDPA speed is 14.4 is better than this rate of other mobiles. Internet speed is very fast.Display size is large. Very nice phone.

  • great

this sucks, 01 Dec 2011why produce a smartphone and not include the essentials like mem... morea recent innovation of samsung .. with advanced features that pamper the owner ..

  • AnonD-31103

When Will GSM Arena Review The Galaxy W ?

  • android fanz

from your review, i sort of fallen in love with this phone mainly because of its inner beauty ie software over Galaxy Y.

USA as always have all the privileges to be the first user and get the set made in Korea.

At this attractive price, can GSM let us know when it will come to Malaysia's shore and how much will it cost here? TQ.

  • Rei

this sucks, 01 Dec 2011why produce a smartphone and not include the essentials like mem... moreThis is not Samsung's fault, instead blame your carrier since they decided to get stingy on you.

  • Rei

Why on earth would they downgrade the Galaxy W?! This is madness! I mean, c'mon! The Galaxy W is already a great bang-for-your-buck smartphone. It's not that expensive and they took away some of the features that made it a great higher-mid tier Android smart phone.

They could have at least bundled an 8GB SDcard on it...

  • King

Why bother with this phone, i want a review of Galaxy W, not this downgraded one !!!

  • ehmm

Samsung Galaxy W

  • this sucks

why produce a smartphone and not include the essentials like memory card ,samsung your`ll have disapointed me with regards to this ,seems i may be migrating to sony next like i did from nokia to you guys.