HTC Rhyme review: Pour Femme

13 December 2011
Alright. This one's a bit different. So we act accordingly. And because we're not quite versed in all things fashion, let's move straight to what we're good at. Meet the HTC Rhyme. Seriously, now. Tough job building a ladies phone - but hey, that's what...

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  • Who

Dee, 23 Mar 2013Where's the alarm clock?I can't find the alarm clock either! Did you ever find out how to find it?

  • NOPE

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2013this phone sucks. it drops calls people cant hear you on ... moreThat may just be your carrier or your signal. I have one and see it as a GREAT phone, the only downside to it that I can see is that it's hard to find cases for them in this country

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks. it drops calls people cant hear you on it save your money for something else.

  • Dee

Where's the alarm clock?

  • niels

Can anyone say how much internal memory is available for apps? And how much is available for the user.

I'm asking because some phones may have a large internal storage but much less for apps. Eg Samsung GS2 has 16 gb but only 2 gb for apps.

  • Guneet Singh(Male)

I'm getting this for 330.6505 U.S. dollars(Rs. 18,500). Also, as i can see. it is up-gradable to 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich OS. Is it still a bad choice for a man?

  • me

rhyme broke my heart!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2011why choose sensation over GS2?The screen? - that's the foremost reason for me anyway.: I don't understand why HTC turned its back on AMOLED (as well as half its target market, as exemplified by this product). I've got an old Legend in the house that out-colourdepths the Sensation any day of the week. If they had included a S-AMOLED screen on that phone, they'd have a terminal worldbeater. As it is, it's just a nice big phone to have until you get your hands on a Nexus Prime. unbelievable.

  • everygirl

So (assuming this reviewer's observations are robust) this is marketed as a 'girl's' phone, but not a 'smart' phone?

Yeah, /that's/ not offensive at all. >:(

This is turning me off HTC more by the second.

  • noyade

to Madinina:

you maybe a viable exception, but that does not prove the rule wrong.

  • Chill

Madinina, 14 Dec 2011Is this a joke? "We'll look at the smartphone inside t... moreLooks like you're barking at the wrong tree. Is it GSMA's fault or HTC's? Yes, the period joke didn't quite ring right but who put those adverts all over the place trying hard to promote a standard Android package as a ladyphone?

  • Raven

You guys have a sense of humor, period app installed...

  • Anonymous

i do not understand why all smartphone makers don`t listen to people like u are ,that reviews the cells and continuosly say that main disadvantage are camera key and answer/hangup button.those thyngs are really important for us and they would not do anything for.i am sad to see this perpetuos problem.
respect and keep it going(the site

  • AnonD-34160

Dear Sir.. An Exceptional Phone...

But Correct me if I am wrong...

It should be.. Les Femme (Pour Homme & Les Femme)

  • Madinina

Is this a joke? "We'll look at the smartphone inside the Rhyme. And see if it could be his smartphone too, as much as hers. That's what HTC would gladly have people think. It'd be a win-win for them." So, we women, are, according to gsm arena, brain dead idiots who have phones designed for us specifically, without any of this "smartphone" fancy crap that men need, but colors and mirror apps. WTH??!! Do you live in the 21st century GSM arena to dare and write such idiocy? The first page of this review is only a bunch of degrading female stereotypes. I didn't know you could cram so much sexist stuffs in only one page. I am a woman and oh, lo and behold ! , I am a software developing engineer who knows more about smartphones, computers and their technology than most men posting on this forum. And, it may come as a surprise to you, but I do not choose my phone because it's purple or has a mirror in it.
Really disappointing. Get a grip GSM arena.
(+1 Msting5522)

  • tyrand3

well this is not bad even for a man.

  • AnonD-34116

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2011why choose sensation over GS2?CMIIW, price wise
Sensation < Rhyme < SGS II

  • Anonymous

AnonD-34116, 14 Dec 2011Why choose this over sensation??why choose sensation over GS2?

  • Anonymous

Most of female that I've known strictly stick with the iphone. Rest of them choose either xperia arc in design wise.

And this? another HTC birck. No girls gonna buy this because of the designs for sure.

  • AnonD-34116

Why choose this over sensation??