Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V review: Five to go

19 December 2011
Do we cancel the show if the star is not available? This one must've crossed some minds over at Sony Ericsson when the Xperia Neo had to be discontinued. But no, they didn't cancel it. The crew was told to take five instead while they skimmed ...

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  • Subhash

Sthandwa , 05 Apr 2019I want to know where can i find this phone i want so badI have that mobile

  • Sthandwa

I want to know where can i find this phone i want so bad

  • Bamb

shiplu, 04 Oct 2012please tell me . neo v upgradeable for 4.0 Help me to upgrade versi 4.0

  • AnonD-479824

Had great time with this phone never had any issue with this phone xperia is for keeps! Just upgraded to xperia c5 nd im still using neo v.

  • saya


  • ziyath

I not like this phone?
Internal Memory problem

  • bla bla bla

2Day.,I Got this 1 SE Neither V, he he he!

  • aktar

Please can any one tell me which one is better between xperia neo v & xperia Ray?

  • Nick

Hi there, Does anyone know how you can view the history in the calculator app in Sony Ericsson Neo V?

I know it keeps a history since it has an option of clearing the calulator history...


Thanks a lot,

  • ab:)

I had my samsung glaxay ace replace by a reconditioned sony xperia, I thought it was brilliant for the first couple of weeks and now i've had nothing but trouble. It constantly says no signal, wont let me read and recieve text messages not telling me when one had come through or emails, wont let me use the dial pad most times I try to. The apps force close every 2 minutes and the phones battery life is terrible. It also over heats every time im on it for a while. When I unlock it, it freezes and then goes onto the camera, when I close a app the camera opens. Over all this phone is a complete waste of time and before anyone things this could be due to my simcard I have put it in servaeral other phones and works brill!

  • vinod

phone was a awesome

  • AnonD-78346

I planned to purchease SE neo v an another few days plz tel me this phone is better then other sony mobiles or nt and tel me wh phone is better plz help me

  • sarfaraz

i need to check the price plz show me price of Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V thank's

  • vanz

Cannot use direct video calling unless you downlud skype anf the battery life is too low.......

  • shiplu

AnonD-28883, 20 Dec 2011What a review it is...... they are making everyone fool.. t... moreplease tell me . neo v upgradeable for 4.0

  • Anonymous

How do I use voice dialing? Icon to voice command missing after update to ICS .

  • bijendra

rocky, 20 Mar 2012is there option of video calling. I have search a lot but c... moreNo direct video calling.plz install skype for free video calling ,,its better

  • singh

i love it..

  • las

Hi have recently purchased neo v plese let me know whether when i make a voice call to some does this talk is recorded in this phone if yes pls let me know which part of the phone

  • F**k

Go to Galaxy nexus