BlackBerry Bold 9790 review: Bold and the budget

27 January 2012
Oh, look - it's another BlackBerry Bold! But what's the catch? And where is the difference really? Sure it looks a bit smaller than the 9900 but it's the same QWERTY / touchscreen combo. So far, so good. Now, let's play spot the difference...

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  • n b

How march

  • Anonymous

This Phone Its One Of The Best Phone That I Have Ever Used 16gb Inbelt 512ram But The Only Problem Its The Battery That All Why The Battery?

  • Maxx

9790 is definitely one of the best phones ever. Internet is fast when on 3G, flash for video and camera, great battery life, awesome sound and radio reception and no problem when putting a memory card, over 16GB. Watching movies is also amazing.

  • madusanka

how to set blackberry id piz help me

  • Crapberry

What is there to say? O wait I know now the makers o the phone made a mistake it's sposed to be Crapberry not blackberry it is a sh@t phone FULL STOP!

  • oliver crown

Does BB 9790 have hotspot?

  • Eny1

I am a blackberry 9790 user,my phone always restating when am operating it! Advice me please??

  • AnonD-185756

Hi I'm in desperate need of assistance... When I got my blackberry 9790 the downloading was incredibly fast at 150kb/s. It is currently extremely slow at 6kb/s. Kindly assist me in increasing this download speed?

  • Kelly

I'm an iphone and blackberry user. And this is one of the bb's best and practical smartphones. Loveeeet!!!:) The bbm really works for me and my husband. I can send pictures of my babies anytime, anywhere I want. This is so cool. More power to the creator! Thumbs up! ;)

  • marioo

imran, 22 Jan 2013I dun understand y ppl buy blackberry 1st of all...its the ... morea blackberry is not the worst phone, this is one of the best phones

  • Strength Of God

All bb with 3G get drained easily but if u use 2G u wil
l enjoy it. I'm really enjoy my Bold6 and the ba3 is ok

  • libby

I have a Blackberry CUrve the oldest one on the market 9580 I think so. A friend told me that this is of the market and I can swop it for a new make and model. How do I go about to do this. I love my Blackberry.

  • Bazoox

Angelworld, 08 Jan 2013The best fone blackberry has made is a bold 2, although I'm... moreMy friend, don't jus say things u don't know. Bold 2 was a gud fone but even better is the 9780 (as some call it Bold 3 n some Bold 4). The 9790 is cool too! Battery life,not so cool! Slimmer n lighter in design n weight...its jus ok. But I think the 9780 has d best battery life!

  • AnonD-104649

i hv buy this mobile phone from
i m very surprise with its camera quality and battary is hv very good processor also..i think this is best mobile in this price range

  • imran

I dun understand y ppl buy blackberry 1st of all...its the worse ph...nothing in it except for the stupid BBM. There is lot more available such as whatsapp and viber

  • Angelworld

The best fone blackberry has made is a bold 2, although I'm tinking of changing my fone naw, and I ve in mind a bold 6 cos of d improved camera and I'm also considering d battery life which is bad in bold 6, I would love a fone I can trust not to die on me and a bold 6 isn't it.

  • wise man

I dont understand why people buy blackberry

  • gusto

The worst blackberry ever made!Gets too hot,battery gets very low on time.

  • thatboy_yoyo

9790 is the best blackberry so far for me I've had a curve a torch and the bold 9900 but out of all of them I think 9790 is the best

  • bbguy

shonu, 11 Aug 2012Is bb 9790 worth buying!!pls adviceI bought two 9790's already. White and black. For me and my wife. Totally satisfied!!