LG Prada 3.0 review: Slim fit

23 February 2012
It's slim and smart, and wears Prada. This little devil is too sexy to hang out with the other droids. It puts on its evening shoes and goes to town. It hates being chased by paparazzi but always turns its better side to the cameras. We'll see what the other droids think about that...

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  • johnny HA

Hello. I have a couple of questions about the phone. #1. Is social media apps on there? Like can I post pics onto my facebook from it and also instagram and so on??? And #2 where can I order the newest model. Thanku babes :)

  • boyetflores

Volume is very low

  • k.flex01

My phones radio always scans but never finds any chanel.what could the problem.thanks

  • Hamed

I bought it a couple of weeks ago. It's perfect! Especially the handsfrees!

  • raj

pravin, 24 Feb 2012this hendset is good hendset...i like this hendsetso good handset but modal not comfort

  • AG

hey, i need help. how do i change the 4 shortcuts at screen(phone, contacts, messaging...) ? When i hold'em i just can remove than, i would like to change them, is it possible? tks

  • Anonymous

I am happy with my LG Prada. It has something that few other phones have. A bright screen that is readable outside. This was a deal-breaker for me. I think there are a lot of people who need bright screens for lots of different reasons. Its a pity the manufacturers dont realise this.

  • Beto Moreno

Wow, this cell phone is beautiful :D

I loved


  • daytonarob955

ive had my prada phone for 2 months now and it aint that good,1st..poor volume,2nd...poor vibration and 3rd...you cannot use ya own downloaded tunes etc to use for ya notification (txt) ringtone which i find very poor lg"!!!!..apart from that this phone is awesome,but come on LG,get with it!!..even tho i did contact them,which was a waste of time...Rob

  • AnonD-46616

I've had the phone for over a week and like it very much. The biuld quality is really good, compared to SE Arc S which I had a month ago. The black and white theme makes it a looker in the Android crowd :-)
Battery life is decent with 3 days between charges during low usage (little talking in 2G network, no wifi, no data transfer).

One thing I do not understand though:

  • Husain

Nic looking and hope goob performence.

  • Adik G

Well, for me it's good enough thanks to exclusivity, mid-to-top of the range specs and pricing.I just ordered it today.

I used smartphones for ages now, starting with the legendary Sony P910i, then tried lots of other incl. Eten X500 running Win 6.5, iPhone 2, Moto Milestone (a big dissapointment in terms of unfinished UI), SE Arc S (squiking cover!!!), SE X10 mini pro (really an efficient device for the working crowd!), for a year I used SE X5 Pureness - pure phone, but I already had an iPad for e-mails and browsing. I will see what new Prada is worth and let you know if I'm dissapointed :-)

Thanks to GSMArena for providing all the tests and reviews!

  • AnonD-8738

Good, could be better. Looks hot but every smart phones out there possess these specs. Will pass along

Sol, 25 Feb 2012I like the black and white UI motif, but suspect things will sta... moreYou can change the icons from the menu, it comes with a lot of pre-installed ones, different symbols and letters, to keep all black/white. The widgets might be a problem, though.

  • Sol

I like the black and white UI motif, but suspect things will start looking inconsistent as you install apps and stuff. Not really my type of phone, tbh

  • Tommy

I were disappointed by the UI design, especially the lettertypes chosen for the "Prada" UI theme. The lettertype doesn't look exclusive or very elegant... Hope there will be other themes better designed for this phone.

  • pravin

this hendset is good hendset...i like this hendset

  • Anonymous


  • DGAF

LG? Very very brave. Looks ok but not great. Android or not? LG will not get anywhere with this phone. Sorryy LG Better luck next time.

  • k

Sexy phone .............