MWC 2012: Huawei overview

26 February 2012
Huawei jumped the gun at this year's Mobile World Congress. They stormed into the limelight with a fresh lineup of smart devices. The Ascend D quad and D quad XL are their first quad-core smartphones, with the dual-core Ascend D1 trailing at a respectable distance. They are also teasing a 10-inch MediaPad with a FullHD screen.

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  • Time Traveler

kishore, 27 Feb 2012Never heard of them,unlike Nokia, LG, etc.Hahaha i am laughing so hard at this!!! They are the worlds 2nd largest manufacturer, are you living under a Rock??? Btw i am from the Future, nice meeting you!!!

  • Anonymous

huwaii company plz bring ur products in Kenya...i can how you want 2 take over the world dats gud

  • harp

how does google work on this smartphone?

  • Rishi

Wow - these products really look great....way to go Huawei....:-)

  • ez

If Samsung does not present another tablet within march, this is a good choice for my first tablet.

  • Anonymous

man, samsung fans start to act like iphone fans. get a grip. samsung released their "awesome" 10.1 inch tablet just now and it packs a 1280x800 display. this one has a 1920x1200 px display and 2 gigs of ram. thats twice more than the incredible samsung tablet.

whats with all this fanboy trend? need to compensate for holes in your lives by getting an obsession for a brand?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2012Samsung didn't show anything, until Samsung releases a faster ph... moreThe huawei might remain the fastesst for a month at best. The SGS3 will remain the fastest for a year. :P

See, the SGS2 is still counted as the best performing smartphone.

  • AnonD-21645

Always nice to see a new manufacturer enter the smartphone market - it creates new competition and more choice for the consumer..

The media pad for the prices sounds very attractive.. the specs of the phone sound very good too... however... I'd need to see the build quality, etc. of the handset, as initial reaction is that they look at bit 'cheap' despite having great specs...

It looks like this year if you want decent specs it equals a boring looking phone (HTC, LG, Huw) but if you want a good looking phone, you have to compromise on specs / memory (Sony)...

Let's hope GS3 looks amazing, although having had GS1 and GS2, I was hoping for a change...

Moto anyone?

  • Bluetooth

It was only a matter of time before the chinese stopped copying and started making their own stuff. This is a good start

  • chupoltorero

the key point to huawei is "price". When they launch thier 7inch tablet here in the philippines, thier price does not vary(even higher) than other android tablet from sammy/asus/lenovo...

  • kishore

Never heard of them,unlike Nokia, LG, etc.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2012"Huawei have built their own quad-core chipset, which they ... moreSamsung didn't show anything, until Samsung releases a faster phone, Huawei D is the fastest...

  • Anonymous

"Huawei have built their own quad-core chipset, which they say smokes everybody else's hardware out of the game and is the fastest quad-core processor the world has seen."

Nonsense, we have no idea what Sammy will be showing off in its S3. ;).

  • yawute

Pretty good spec and looking phones~