MWC 2012: LG overview

26 February 2012
LG's Pre-MWC Media Preview gave us a chance to spend some time with the new line of Optimus devices. Not that there were any surprises, as the company was showcasing the already announced Optimus 4X HD, 3D Max, Optimus Vu and Optimus L3, L5 and L7. But still, it's nice to see them live.

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  • Anonymous

My lg e610 is not show sim and playstor plz swol problem

  • AnonD-463445

Hi.hei hei my friands help me!! I need that how can i add persian language on my phon becuse its very old and dont have my need language thats LG-E400R. Evry body is can do this problem,please

  • stallion

Hi that was a good phone for this moment I like this phone due to 4 x HD thk to LG otimus

  • shan

My old phone is optimus me p350 but now lg l5 its good battery and much more

  • play boy

AnonD-23828, 26 Feb 2012Lg Optimus Vu should be named LG Optimus's too gud....!

  • omparkash

Hi frends
Lg L3 dual is a good phone
I like this phone

  • jitin

hay guys i get... lg l5 how wa it this phone any prblms in this phone pls giv reply

  • Edy

Lg L3 Dual has better performance than samsung peers.

  • Oh no

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2012I don't like the look of LG's User Interface, those icons look t... moreif only we could invent themes..oh wait....they're here already.

  • Carlo

I think LG has nice models, that is why I bought my LG 3D but my good perception with LG was replaced with disappointment when they destroyed my relatively new phone during SW update to gingerbread making it a dead phone. Now they need to operate it and replace the motherboard....What happen to my new phone? It is now like an old operated phone....what a waste of money! Worst, nobody cared from customer service to update me on the status of my phone which took several weeks...bad experience..very poor customer service. So next time, I won't be deceived by LG in buying another one....bye LG


device is ok cost to more .....

  • Vijay

4X HD is gonna be my birthday present this year.. I can't imagine anything else except that beauty!

  • doodz

its great about LG new phone. I won't to buy it cuz i satisfied my LG Optimus 2x but still now no ICS update for this unit :(

  • piplop

cute asian wallpaper... i will buy this phone

  • Guest_star

i don't care what any1 says the UI looks great...

  • majid asadollahpour

most of their phones are made in korea and i think its a good point for them.

  • T_T

They have not covered the midrange. The difference between the L5 and the L7 is just saaad. the L5 could have been better...

  • Anonymous

I don't like the look of LG's User Interface, those icons look terrible. Anyone agree?

  • AnonD-43780

AnonD-23828, 26 Feb 2012Lg Optimus Vu should be named LG Optimus Square.Hahaha.... Nice opinion :-P

  • AnonD-6607

Its 8 mins lefet for 11 of night in india and its almost my time to speak but with so hot announcements going i think that i wont be able to sleep as i really love every year's MWC and i just love it everytime in MWC i see new innovations new things coming and for the next year i am sure the quad core trend would be replaced by the larger and more batteries trend well. Good night to all even to the people where there is morning or even afternoon.. Well. Bye and enjoy the MWC