MWC 2012: Samsung overview

27 February 2012
While Samsung did not have the kind of massive presence of past years, they still showed off two new 10.1" tablets. The Galaxy Note 10.1 brings the S-Pen to the large screen, while the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is happy with its sequel role. The projector-enabled Samsung Galaxy Beam was also revealed.

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  • mandeep

Its a nice phone

  • Anonymous

Can galaxy beam upgrade to ICS?

  • AnonD-64052

Can galaxy beam upgrade to ICS?

  • Anonymous

i was going to post the same thing

  • AnonD-45678

If mini projector come with Galaxy Note 10.1, even better.

  • AnonD-45045

I need to update

  • panda

the samsung galaxy note is just awesome.there is nothing that it dose nt have

  • Note 7+

Wish Samsung would do a Galaxy Note 7 with full phone calling.

  • Avinash

no surprise here.anyone expecting samsung to show there best at mwc need to remember they are holding there own event and my guess is they will release there top of the line tablet with ''retina'' display along with the galaxy did the right thing by holding off the announcement of the top tier devices as with so many devices being announced in mwc companies are having to share the spotlight where as when samsung announce the s3 all the spotlight will be on them which will create massive hype not that it isnt probably the most eagerly awaited android phone already.if samsung release the s3 within a month of announcement and in europe and us at the same time then they will sell A LOT

  • Tut

AnonD-24221, 27 Feb 2012how big is projection on the wall? it doesn't seem so big, not b... moreI think Samsung is trying to post something good

  • Pure W.

Nokia 808. ;)

  • Pure W.

I waiting same better camera in next model (SGS3),what is new Nokia PureWiev model.­smartphone_does_optical_zoom-news-3658.php

  • AnonD-44131

The Galaxy Note 10.1 look sooooo slow!! The Beam is just the shizzles!

  • SGM

AnonD-24221, 27 Feb 2012how big is projection on the wall? it doesn't seem so big, not b... moreUp to 50 inches.

  • salman

i totally agree with sammy
samsung is waiting that let the brands fight in MWC and after that let them bring in the products in the market and samsung will then bring something high end in the market so that they can easily get the user attention because in MWC the users are getting overloaded with so much information.

  • AnonD-24221

how big is projection on the wall? it doesn't seem so big, not bigger then 10-15 inches...

  • Sammy

Do you seriously think that they will launch a flagship without even a keynote and a big media event??

Simple fact -- how many companies are fighting for front page coverage now? I saw HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, Huawei and many more. Why would you think they would launch their flagships in such a crowded environment?? Let the rumble settle down, wait for 1-2 months and then reveal your products. What best then to wait for iPad3, then launch next-gen Tab line and showing how it's better than the iPad. When they are gunning for Apple, it makes no sense for their products to be in direct comparison with HTC/LG/Sony/Huawei etc., It won't give them that mileage in media they need to fight Apple.

Wait for the proper Galaxy Tab (2nd Gen) in next 2/3 months along with GS3.

  • AnonD-21645

The problem with their tablets are that they're too close to last year's specs and with the ipad 3 coming out, they're going to look really dated...

We didn't expect the GS3 to be fair... and maybe quite rightly so - the rest of MWC is looking a bit ho-hum this year... it appears to be the year of restricted memory (no expandable slots on both Sony / HTC flagships) and good specs but poor quality handsets (LG / Huawei)

Let's see what Moto has in store eh? Are they even at MWC?

As for Sammy... looks like GS3 will be worth the wait... let's just hope they get the handset design right (please let it scream 'PREMIUM'!!) surprised there aren't more Sammy phones shown though...

  • Behnam Akbari

I wish samsung had something more high-end to offer.