Motorola RAZR V3x review: Sweet-sour mix

13 March 2006
Here comes the most equipped non-OS Motorola phone of all times! Not exactly a razor-thin phone, made of plumy plastic. It features a 2 megapixel camera with brilliant macro mode and flash LED, and a top-class display. 3G is a matter of fact. At the same time, its MP3 player as well as certain features, are somewhat poor.

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  • jack

Elle, 12 Nov 2009I had this phone for 2 years but unfortunately was stolen..... moregood phone .. i want to buy this phone

  • faisal

My Motorola razr V3X I HAVE broplm consrining the outside sounding lether become stkiy. .it is besbowl to change this lether. .I Need 2 patrey for my mobile

  • har3ign

not a bad phone but only if motorola wud build a firmware upgrade that makes this phone uses the Nvidia Goforce 4800 to its full extent but really i got to say this phone is a great phone also if u all really want to use this phone to certain wicked extent visit its modding legend a tell you.

  • Elle

I had this phone for 2 years but unfortunately was stolen... But without a doubt it was a great phone! Highly recommended for personal use its large screen is one of the best for its price range
Great sound quality
spaced out keypad that was easy on the thumbs for txting
video and camera were great for the price- camera was really good and the screen displayed pictures in good quality
Although quite bulky for a tight back pocket and easily scratched when accidently dropped it was an amazing phone and would recommend for more personal use!

  • rain


  • bigben

i cant figure out how to create a text message or to write names can someone help me please

  • Allen Mayodong

I have been using the motorola razr v3x and I like using it, because it's so easy to navigate, the features are all with a function and it is perfectly ok
for a mobile person like me, the only problem that i have with the phone is its video, I should like to use it for my anthropological research but it seemed having a slow motion once one use it, is there any solution for this? it's 2.0 megapixel is already ok somebody can help me please. Thank you so much for the utmost attention

  • khomotso ndaba lepel

i bought the phone this its a stylish cellphone with the latest technology is easy to use i would like to send a shout out to sandra kotlolo dipuo moloya kibi majeed thabang fana sbu sello thabiso jacob

  • shaun

reception is a huge problem

  • Essam

i bought one, it`s a beautiful phone. really every part of this phone is a very good.

  • gracie

da reviews are good. da fone is good lookin.. i read da sweet sour mix and dis fone is gr8. might get it. ;). xx

  • khomotso ndaba

the phone is amazing

  • Muramasa

can somebody please tell me if it is possible to use the headset of this phone in listening to the MP3 sounds/music? please teach me how.. i'm sick and tired of listening thru the loudspeaker of it.

  • prettygurl

i love this phone bec i bought myself the pink one!!for me tis phone is superb!!u gotta have it too... *(0_o)*

  • lovable_galz

how about SE z610i? is it better than this 1? thanks for the opinion.

  • Anonymous

do not buy sony ericsson w810 is better !!

  • lovable_galz

can sum body tell me wer can i get v3x(white)..??!!
i only like white..

  • Tal

The camera is actually very good. It also can be improved if you have a memory card..

  • joel

the emage can't see when the backlight is off

  • sHaNnOn!


I want it!!=D