Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G review: The middle man

27 March 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, as the far too long name suggests, is yet another incarnation of the original Galaxy S. Sure, it has grown an extra CPU core, to go with its 42Mbps network connectivity, but at the end of the day, the newcomer packs a lot ...

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  • AnonD-131986

This thing looks pretty much like a mush up of the original i9000 and the BlackBerry 9860.

  • AnonD-109677

Did you in your review reveal which audio and video formats this phone supports?

  • gil

Great phone for streaming internet content

  • Elly

Vivo, 28 Mar 2012Now they stole design from Blackberry. Cool! It's a real plesarue to find someone who can think like that

  • Christian

AnonD-1868, 29 Mar 20124 g phone with low configuration is not a best deal You know what, I'm very much icnliend to agree.

  • Hara

I have not change my langue

  • Anonymous

C 3

  • Anonymous

Thanks for reviewing! There's a market for ppl that want a comact size smartphone and i hope these designs gain traction.

  • On

Why the scam of p.m.burg getting easy 2 samsung read and track samsung

  • AnonD-36731

"The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G packs enough functionality to keep every potential Android user, who thinks that a screen over 4" in size is too big happy."
I would say that isn't true but I am an actual Android user not a potential one.

Only 235ppi and it's pentile. The review failed to mention anything about how then screen looked when reading text while browsing. That is inconsistent with how other reviews on here are written.
I guess that the screen does get a few mentions in other places.

  • sunny gupta

I like this mobile so itake it this mobile in the future.

  • AnonD-1868

4 g phone with low configuration is not a best deal

  • Anonymous

I prefer this design to that of the previous galaxy

  • James

This is not a 4G mobile

  • Vivo

Now they stole design from Blackberry. Cool!

  • yes like blackberry

qwerty, 28 Mar 2012blackberry inspired back panel? koreans are great imitators inde... moreI think if they goldene with blackberry great Fusion maybe... Why not the blackberry name still good and cool... So people you See if Samsung copy blackberry means a Lot for me.... BB still a big Player...regards From switzerland

  • qwerty

blackberry inspired back panel? koreans are great imitators indeed, just look at kia and hyundai happily copying European car makers like bmw, merc, and audi. from iphone to blackberry...

  • Muscatv1n

Finally, a smartphone with DC-HSDPA which isn't mini tablet size. Not everyone wants a 4 inch+ phone. There are after market solutions to the battery issue, and the OS can be upgraded-not a big deal. Well done Samsung!

  • Anonymous

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  • Sajal debbarma

Not so convincing.