Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 review: Different magic

2 April 2012
Samsung's impressive tablet lineup is already in its second generation, but the one that stands out is surprisingly at the lower end of both the size range and the age bracket. The ultra-thin and incredibly light Super-AMOLED-packing Galaxy Tab 7.7 may...

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  • AnonD-12840

compared it in store side by side to apple ipad 3rd gen. with same page and ipad has visibly more brighter white however whats even more visible is more contrast and nicer picures on galaxy7.7 i wouldnt change 7.7. for new ipad... handsfree phoning works perfectly what i suggest is to install dolphin browser which loads pages much faster till ICS comes

  • AnonD-12840

OLED, 03 Apr 2012Great tablet extremely portable but the screen has issues, I rea... moreI had it for 6 weeks none of your findings happened on mine.. and burnouts of status bar I know how it should look as I have lot of them on mine 2.5y old galaxy S ;)
and btw.. what kind of masochist reads ebooks on black background:)

btw OLED is unforgiving for not pixelperfect appliactions... you see more color differences than on lcd.. but thats not fault of screen but app developer/graphic

  • the_seba

I love the Pen Memo "I can't draw" screen shot :P You guys just made my day :)

  • ph00ny

AnonD-1504, 03 Apr 2012How can the S2 and note score so little in browsermark here but ... moreBecause GB's webkit broswer is grossly outdated

Same reason why Honeycomb based tegra2 tablets have always beat just about any GB based device in browser benchmarks. ICS with a newer version of webkit browser takes it up to another level same as iOS5 did with iphone4

  • AnonD-13270

AnonD-1050, 02 Apr 2012I absolutely love this tablet. The Hardware and Connectivity s... moreSome versions might have an infrared (I saw it on some ads) , I own one and mine doesn't.
But a perfect tablet overall with a great screen, the perfect size, great battery life and plus u can use it as a phone , what else do we need ;)

  • OLED

Great tablet extremely portable but the screen has issues, I read a lot of ebooks and i use a totally black backround and i can see spot and circle marks on the screen, easily visible with dim shades of grey.. edges have some sort of yellow tinting which is visible on the ics keyboard app or any light colored app. After checking a feq more units it seems to be a very common issue. Had to retuen the tab for about a month of using it. Also the status bar burns in just 3 weeks.

  • Enzie

Thanks GSM Arena for the review. :)
I will definitely buy this for my birthday. :)

  • AnonD-1504

How can the S2 and note score so little in browsermark here but compared to the HTC one X, score alot more?

  • ACA

I bought one of these beauties a month ago and I absolutely love it. The screen, the battery life, the build quality and feel are just amazing. Only if the general use of it was a bit smoother (transition effects can lag a little) it would be near faultless. But that might happen with the ICS update, we'll see. One question though. I think the ability to have an external HDMI adapter is a myth. I've been looking to find one but I only found an RGB one. It's gonna sound stupid but I can see the 7.0, 8.9 and 10.1 has this but not the 7.7. Could you please clarify how to connect an HDMI table to this? Thanks.

  • mr tab

love this will enjoy using it. well done Samsung

  • AnonD-33815

i wonder why did it take so long to publish this review? this tablet released 3 months ago and when it comes to ipad it didnt even take a week after release for you to make a review.question marks???

  • kurama

I am using my tab 7.7 to write this comment hehe :) I love it, the screen is gorgeous and no lcd can even come near to being as good. The only thing is the touchwizards launcher lags a lot so I suggest downloading another launcher from the market and everything will be perfect :) I don't know what gsmarena were thinking when they said the sound from the speakers is average, but mine is pretty dam loud, and to get the best sound quality, download poweramp and you'll get the perfect music experience :D

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-13628, 02 Apr 2012One thing I am worried is the battery which cannot change. So you're worried about tablets in general? Most of them can't change battery... unless you open them up.

  • Brazilian Guy

How about the screen burn in in 2 weeks reported many times on XDA?­=1463622

  • TxB

I got the P6800 international version and it's great. Not as bright as my S II i9100 but still good. GPS works great on this thing - even on EDGE connection. Can't say the same about my S II. Pretty happy with it. Funny thing is everybody at work laughs when they see me put it to my ear to answer/make calls. Oh the faces they make...

  • Release date

Anyone know when it's out officially in the uk?

  • Johnma

I brought it while holidaying in Australia several weeks ago. Love it. A great screen and a joy to hold for long periods of time. Highly recommended.

  • yeip

I've been waiting for long for this review. This is like the biggest brother of the SGS2, even bigger than the SGNote. It sports a Super AMOLED Plus display and yet has phone capabilities. It's like a big thin phone with a gorgeus screen.
Even though I know it is meant to be a tablet and not a phone, I think I'll buy this instead of the SGNote. Bigger nicer screen ftw (too bad it doesn't offer full S Pen support).

  • Mels

Finally, A review of Galaxy Tab 7.7 by GSM :)

  • ph00ny

AnonD-1050, 02 Apr 2012I absolutely love this tablet. The Hardware and Connectivity s... moreI have the verizon LTE version and it has the IR port