Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third

20 May 2012
Today is no ordinary day for the GSMArena test track, which is about to see the Bugatti Veyron of smartphones do the rounds in an attempt to beat the lap record of its predecessor. Samsung have spared no effort to protect the Galaxy S III against any odds.

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  • 20 May 2012

AnonD-44860, 20 May 2012hate u gsmarena .why u didnt say any thing about xperia s a... moreStop complaining, it's a review about a top class new phone. Not some old tech like Sony despite its obvious camera advantage (design is only a matter of taste, Xperia NXT are just basic monoliths/rectangles). And yes don't worry, they will review, if Sony decides to release their presumed GX monster internationaly.

So Thanks GSMA for the review, your conclusion seems the most logical since SIII announcement : Samsung just holding for others to catch up this year.

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    • LesserCure
    • Ldt
    • 20 May 2012

    I wish Samsung didn't **** up the interface like that. Excellent phone with CM9 on that.

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      • AnonD-53983
      • HFq
      • 20 May 2012

      dave, 20 May 2012Just thought I would share this again. 27 reasons why s3... moreI made the list

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        • 35v
        • 20 May 2012

        hate u gsmarena .why u didnt say any thing about xperia s as a rival? did meizu or one s or unknown huawei deserved but sony with best build quality and very pretty design,cool 12 mp cam, 32g internal,4g rom, 1g ram and pretty hd reality display not? is it just matter of speed? just speed is important? xperia s is also very very speedy and silky that u cannot notice diffrences between it and one x in usage(not benchmark)as tested. be honest gsmarena. and u can also wait for monester international xperia gx that can be best without doubt.just wait till june

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          • AnonD-53983
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          • 20 May 2012

          I made the list

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            • Karam
            • fvL
            • 20 May 2012

            Sadly yes..
            its better than the One X in many aspects
            well done Samsung

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              • castle
              • PSd
              • 20 May 2012

              Brilliant mobile but I have one x should I really go for it

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                • dave
                • myA
                • 20 May 2012

                Just thought I would share this again.

                27 reasons why s3 is better than s2
                Much better battery life (2100 mAh)
                0 shutter lag
                Front camera HD video
                Burst shots (up to 20 pics)
                Backside illuminated sensor
                upto 64 GB internal
                can upgrade to 64 GB microsd card
                50 GB free Dropbox storage (for 2 years)
                64+64+50=178GB of storage and if the 2 years has expired 64+64=128 GB
                Other features:
                Bluetooth 4.0
                720p screen
                Gorilla glass 2
                NFC support (S-beam can transfer files upto 300Mbps)
                Advanced Voice Commands
                Quad core Exynos 4212 1.4 Ghz (Benchmark shows its the fastest chip ever and uses less power)
                Faster Mali-400 GPU
                Pop up play (multitask while watching a video)
                Direct call
                Wireless charging support
                Improved Wi-fi
                Thinner bezel
                Slimline back (not a chin like the s2 has)
                More ergonomic design
                GLONASS support (more accurate than GPS)
                Smart Alert
                Smart Stay (Eyeball tracking)
                LED notification light
                Allshare cast (Allows you to mirror your screen onto a TV)
                (Thanks to whoever made the list!)

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                  • AnonD-8044
                  • nEA
                  • 20 May 2012

                  That will do me ,sold..

                  Just as a guide i downloaded the untouched 1080p video to play and it took 1 minute 21 seconds..I wondered how long others took..I would say my internet connection is poor.

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                    • dave
                    • myA
                    • 20 May 2012

                    So better than One X by a mile! Better battery and Micro SD slot winner! Cant wait to get mine. Bring on the 30th!

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                      • rage
                      • pXj
                      • 20 May 2012

                      Gsmarena you are my main information and reviews site for mobiles phone , keep going.

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                        • 20 May 2012

                        yeah i want one. i need one, cant wait to have one