LG Optimus 3D Max P720 review: Remastered

22 May 2012
It's been almost a year since the release of the original Optimus 3D from LG, and in that time we've been watching 3D technology continue to evolve. Undoubtedly you've seen the changes in your local cinema, and even your living room, if you happen...

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  • Anonymous

Ready? LG optimus 3D p920

  • Mr lim

My lock key and start button was unfunction.how to fix it manually???

  • rock

very nice

  • Ibrahim

Expert, 25 May 2012Ohhh Life is not Good, LG.. Its time to change your R&D... moreThat isinght's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

I like how my optimus 3d has better benchmark rating than the O3D max :P

  • Anonymous

slo, 05 Jun 2012Main disadvantages: Runs Gingerbread!!!!!! Are you seri... morei have the same comment, i have dropped Android 6 months ago and based on my friends they told me that GB is the stable version of Android ICS still has some bugs even Samsung Galaxy S2 has issues after upgrading to ICS so i guess they will remain using GB till they fix ICS and guess what JB is knocking the door

  • slo

Main disadvantages:
Runs Gingerbread!!!!!!

Are you serious? Now explain why a lot of people going back on Gingerbread

  • Expert

Ohhh Life is not Good, LG.. Its time to change your R&D team specially software department if you wanna be in race of smart phones. Hope 4X will get good benchmarks and review.

  • Tom

LG promised mid 2011 Gingerbread upgrade for their current generation of phones, it took until well into 2012 to deliver.

ICS upgrade? Don't hold your breath.

  • Ayman

It's supposed to be a new phone LG, y it's the last in benchmarks! fail

  • Anonymous

typical GSMarena funny i didnt found in the disadvantge the following "The competition will soon have phones with quad-core CPUs" or this line only comes with Sony phones instead they say "Not the best dual-core performance"

  • Anonymous

I dont see what is so Max about this one ?? specs are more or less same as predecessor zzzz . If LG is saying this is the max they can do for a 3D phone , then they better pack-up their bags in this department.

  • AnonD-21645

Pointless phone with possible the laziest 'improvements' ever in a phone successor...

This, to me, absolutely epitomizes LG - just nowhere a company that can be taken as a serious contender in the mobile industry...

I love 3D and give me a SG3D and I'm there - but this? And at that price?

I'd be surprised if it sells 100,000 - even the N808 has more chance of selling more unit - and that's not being subisided by any carriers...


  • AnonD-36731

What a huge phone for 480 x 800 pixels. Is it designed for people who can't bend their elbow?

What is the chance of a Sola or Xperia P review since they have been actually released for a bit?

  • AnonD-26870

Looks way better than old Optimus 3D but tastes the same. Poor camera, not so brilliant screen outdoor ...

  • Anonymous

Even my old N8 runs more smooth than this phone, poor LG

  • AnonD-55045

Disappointing at this point of the race...

  • dave

S3 for me then. Sorry LG