Sony Xperia sola review: Light 'em up

29 May 2012
Sony are busy extending their Xperia line, after the Japanese behemoth bought out their Ericsson counterpart, and the Xperia sola lies squarely in the middle of the pack. The flagship Xperia S has set the ceiling and the Xperia P will set the...

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  • Anonymous

worst mobile always hangs


natty, 30 Jan 2014Wat is ics.plz tell me hw can i update this in my phone.plz help... moreicecream sandwich

  • natty

Battry back up is worst among all anroid phones.its jst force me to throw this phone into wall.horrible.its jst hell.u cant travel wid this bttry go low in jst 1-3 hrs

  • natty

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2013DONT UPDATE TO ICS... The battery drain is so fast tat if u tur... moreWat is ics.plz tell me hw can i update this in my phone.plz help me.its sucks as bttry gets low widin one houras i us data

  • AnonD-172486

disappointed99, 15 Aug 2013THIS PHONE IS JUNK! I've had this phone for two weeks and everyd... moreWell i am replying you coz u r a aussie. xperia sola is a solid phone just u need is to go to place frome where u bought and tell the person to update android vision from 2.3 ginger bread to 4.0.4 ics and then it rocks
xperia sola supports all the apps
and even most heavy-duty apps like nfs mw, nfs hot pursuit, asphalt 7 etc are supportes by it
if u want to increase speed of it then go to settings/developer options/ and then set a limit for background running apps maximum 3 to 4
and even install memory booster pro and set its settings to the craziest option.
this is how u can gt ur Xperia sola equal to any other smart phone on planet.
have fun.....! Still not satisfied then mail me

  • disappointed99

THIS PHONE IS JUNK! I've had this phone for two weeks and everyday I fight the urge to throw it as hard as I can against the nearest brick wall! $700 phone software in $200 phone hardware. Even simple tasks, have the phone hanging, freezing delaying, dropping phone calls! The GPS ON this phone is the worst I've seen in an Android!

This is my 4th android, my second Xperia after the active which was a good phone inside and out. Was hoping I'd found my android brand... Not yet I guess

Xperia Mt27i sola TERRIBLE
Xperia. Australia Service Support TERRIBLE

  • sanithvarma

Xperia sola is good option below 15000/-

  • sunil

I hv root my phn ...Can I unroot my phn back???? Plzzz give me the solution.......

  • gjvf

Anonymous, 19 May 2013It hangs after upgrading.No it does not hang n its a best phone under 15k no one can compete it in this price usng it n um very happy wid it...

  • Anonymous

It hangs after upgrading.

  • David subbu

in using sola frm the past 10 months n so far it fyn the battery bck is fyn... upto min of 10 hours with o without data... I love my cell... n wen the phone hangs just press power button + volume increase buttu together n hold it fr 5 seconds the will restart... oly one drw back is it lags a bit thts all rest its awesome

  • ssu

im gonna buyng sola.. how is it. plz help me out

  • Hash

Can anyone plz tell me how to update xperia sola to ICS cuz I have checked alot on the phones update center and also via pc companion it says that ur device is up to date while I have android 2.3.7 and build number is 6.0.B.3.184. Plz help and aslo tell whether the ICS update is good or not? Does it consumes more ram or slows the phone down? Or is smoother then Gingerbread? Thnx

  • Anonymous

The battery drain is so fast tat if u turn on data n browse for 1hr...ur battery drains off fully...
I bought n updated to ics in the second day itself.
The phone lags very much.

  • Anonymous

bharat, 31 Oct 2012Hi friends.i m using dis mobile since last 2 months.i brought i... moreDo you know it works with vedio call.

  • blitz

AnonD-110072, 06 Feb 2013I've just planned to buy that phone! but its battery is non-remo... morewhen it hangs HOLD OFF + VOLUME UP buttons for 5 seconds, it will restart or turn off after that ;)

this is how to FORCE OFF all XPERIA phones. Enjoy! I'm loving mine now!

  • umesh.

I have been using this about 9 months. So far it's good.

  • AnonD-110072

I've just planned to buy that phone! but its battery is non-removable.. so how will i manage when it will hang? many friends of mine face that problem,they probably remove battery and attach it again but i'll be out of this option and its quite natural that so many features in a cell,may face this type of particular problem.Tell me what should i do... what to do if its hang? please do comment,your opinion does matter!! Reply,please,thank u!

  • AnonD-22187

i still dont think it touches has lost it the innovation the creativity is all dead.the build quality is all chp.they r just trying to kill ericsson.they cud not match w550i also in future.i still remember purchasing 2 k700.for me that revelutionised mobile industry.

  • Anonymous

Horrible battery backup.