Sony Xperia P review: Ironclad

1 June 2012
Sealed in an aluminum unibody but still oozing the new NXT series style, the Sony Xperia P joins an elite club of metal-clad phones. And then there's the WhiteMagic screen to make it unique in the mobile world. In short, the Xperia P is one of...

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  • Anantha sarker joy
  • uNV
  • 02 May 2015

Can i use battery for xperia p with2000+mah????
Plz plz plz help me

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    • GK
    • ub6
    • 16 Jun 2014

    I bought it just when it was lauched in India.
    The phone could be a excellent one unless thie sony guys had put atleast a 2000mAh battery. This is not a good one for even normal use. The battery sucks!!! The battery drains even after you dont use it for hours. BATTERY SUCKS..How an SONY makes such a blunder?????

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      • AnonD-217498
      • tuf
      • 06 May 2014

      Good day everyone.

      I need some opinion and recommendation.
      Currently I'm in a very deep dilemma on whether to buy Xperia P or Xperia S.
      I really love the NXT design of both phone.
      I'm more to Xperia P as the 3 capacitive keys are built on the transparent strip itself, unlike the Xperia S which got 3 small dots above the strip instead.
      This design consideration is very important to me, as much as I love the HD screen and the superior chipset, but only due to this design quirk makes me choose Xperia P.

      Price is not a factor as I can get both at roughly the same price in my place which is around 200USD.

      All of your input are greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance :)

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        • AnonD-206857
        • Nu$
        • 19 Apr 2014

        That is exactly what happens to my phone

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          • atul
          • uvF
          • 02 Jan 2014

          Anonymous, 08 Jun 2013Halo my Xperia p software now upgraded to new version but n... morePlease degrade your phone. Then you can use 3d swap panorma freature.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • NXs
            • 18 Oct 2013

            I have an Xperia P for 9 months. It is a good device with big internal memory and reliable processer, the problems that I suffer from this device is it's very very very bad battery and some lags when calling someone

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              • AnonD-182990
              • fXD
              • 07 Oct 2013

              afaque, 30 Apr 2013is lumia better than xperia? anyone give answer please? In my humble opinion of course Lumia is better

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                • Michael Crane
                • PSc
                • 09 Sep 2013

                I like Sony Xperia P for many reasons like white magic,mobile bravia engine,walkman,light in weight.The things that really makes me upset are mobile data traffic rate and tethering hotspot error.While I use mobile data traffic,I realize that other phones are better than mine.I wish Sony will produce better mobile data traffic rated phones.

                  • X
                  • Xperia P owner
                  • w9K
                  • 16 Aug 2013

                  Anonymous, 08 Jun 2013Halo my Xperia p software now upgraded to new version but n... moreThat is one of the features that is absent after the jb update. I know this because it happened to me also after the jb update

                    • r
                    • rafiq
                    • KIG
                    • 09 Aug 2013

                    Can anyone help me to resolve that While composing sms "To" doesn't add recipient name even after selecting names and put composed sms in draft.

                      • v
                      • vinyyy
                      • KSu
                      • 03 Jul 2013

                      sexyyy phone

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6we
                        • 08 Jun 2013

                        Halo my Xperia p software now upgraded to new version but now I missed some program in phone.
                        Before upgrading i have 3d sweep panorama now only panorama in camera option pleas help me ....!

                          • a
                          • afaque
                          • nCi
                          • 30 Apr 2013

                          is lumia better than xperia? anyone give answer please?

                            • s
                            • sunnysideup
                            • Rxn
                            • 11 Apr 2013

                            MisterCats, 10 Apr 2013For the curious, I believe the best price is at ... moreThanks Ü

                              • M
                              • MisterCats
                              • j8L
                              • 10 Apr 2013

                              For the curious, I believe the best price is at (around $270 these days; back when I purchased mine in October 2012, it was ~$300).

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                                • moderate
                                • iwt
                                • 08 Apr 2013

                                Anonymous, 07 Dec 2012Why not support fm radio? its already support podcast and application for an online radio station, so that wouldn't really usefull anymore

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XMh
                                  • 08 Apr 2013

                                  What's the price of your XP when you bought it that time? And in what country?

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                                    • MM
                                    • XMh
                                    • 08 Apr 2013

                                    I'd say it's has awesome and unique features but then the problem is the BATTERY :))

                                    BTW, just wanted to ask for those people who have already purchased it and has been using it, what was the original price of XP when it was newly released? And the price today? :)

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 6Qr
                                      • 07 Apr 2013

                                      Tell me any one that when outgoing call picked from other person phone not vibrate..why. Than I have htc they do this. This function is very usefull to user. This time I have sony xperia p.

                                        • x
                                        • xperia_p_user
                                        • IVR
                                        • 06 Apr 2013

                                        great value for money phone. been using it for few months. battery life is ok for me and ICS integration could be better, waiting for JB now.

                                        but everything else is great.

                                        great job sony!!
                                        at least i got something different to look forward to than the usual samsung, apple stuff :)