LG Optimus L7 review: L-egant droid

4 June 2012
A fashion phone for the designer-challenged. Last season's Prada at knockdown prices. The LG Optimus L7 will have to face comparisons with the latest Prada phone by LG and we cannot think of many that will swing in its favor. But there's no...

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  • dave

all i need is to remove or lessen my homescreen panes. I'd try the steps that you gave but i screwed me. now I forced to reset my phone because of this kind of disappointment...

  • user

panda, 01 Dec 2012hey there. am planning to buy this phone, the thing thats h... moreNope, 634 mb of the lg l7 2 is not even enough

  • user

monotsi, 19 Aug 2014how to move information from phone to sd cardWith a pc, or not.

  • monotsi

how to move information from phone to sd card

  • thiya

How to make video call in L7?

  • Angel Beybar

lykz, 07 Apr 2013I just bought my new Lg optimus L7 p705 yesterday and i was... moreJst go to ur camera setting then select Quality a High...Its will b work thnx

  • AnonD-192949

My qeushan is .what is tha low on fone plese explen.

  • AnonD-192949

My lg l7problum is low on space so i dont no wtat i do plese halp me

  • smart gaucho

Anybody knows how to creat a shortcut key for the phone function? I want to access contact voice search using microphone in one touch when i am driving my car.
The LG 7 is pretty decent if you don't do many things at the same time. tks.

  • Anonymous

Bought lg l7 recently and i think it's a pretty decent phone with a good price and specs.but the camera is quite disappointing. Nonetheless, it's nice.

  • Anonymous

I have disabled the in-built music player for lg l7 and its not visible in the settings anymore..please suggest how to enable the in-built music player

  • lykz

I just bought my new Lg optimus L7 p705 yesterday and i was very disappointed on it's camera. Camera is not good and has a very low quality.

  • bg

First i baught. Galaxy s doues thevstore peoplle suggested me go for lg but i didt listen to them. I used it for one month its fully hangs and it doest support high resulution games i returned that and i baught. L7 its very good and even 512 mb ram is equal to 768 it has good gaming feautere snd very good battery backupVery good. Performance than galaxy s doues and. Grand

  • AnonD-130341

I forgot link, sorry:


  • AnonD-130341

Hej people, I installed Jelly B. when it was last time, I don't remember exactly date, it was about 4-5 days ago. My L7 is fantastic, but I lost bootloader, I can't acces emergency mode :(. And this morning I saw there is again KDZ file for Jelly Bean. Did anyone made update with this KDZ file? Is there anything different than in my V20A from 4-5 days ago?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • phillip

it a fair price for fair performance and quality finish.

  • navneet

zede, 01 Sep 2012i have been using L7 for a month now and although i really ... morehiii friend the solution is-
go to settings then go to home screen then go to animation then select no animation and you will find its besic and very gud touch

  • panda

hey there. am planning to buy this phone, the thing thats holding me back is just the ram. i pretty much use my phone for games and internet. will the ram be enough for my usage? thanks.

  • zeeshan

any one have idea about the battary ?
i have Lg L7 battery is realy shit.

  • Rej

This LG Optimus 7 is nice, budget phone but camera quality is Bad and NFC not in UAE model, how this enable? in future UAE become more service coming with NFC. Anyone know about NFC activation?