Motorola E1070 review: Chubby RAZR

23 April 2006
Motorola E1070 is an attractive clamshell offering plenty of features and the characteristics of the Motorola RAZR model. However, it is thicker. On the other hand, it has conveniences like 3G support, a megapixel camera, a MP3 player and a memory card slot.

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  • Anonymous
  • pYJ
  • 23 Jan 2007

My E1070 has a habit of randomly deleting numbers from my contact list. The contact still appears, but you can't call it, or edit it, or even delete it - it takes up space but isn't there. If you sync the phone with a PC, the contact is missing from the list.

I used to like the phone, but it's now utterly useless. I'd avoid it if possible.

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    • Matt
    • n1j
    • 28 Dec 2006

    Just Got The Phone Today, Love It Already... One Problem, I Got The Phone On Network 3 And There Arent Many Themes To Choose From... But Over All An Excelent Phone And Recomend To Anyone Considering Buying.

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      • Ross
      • pYQ
      • 10 Sep 2006

      Is there any leather cases that you can open up with your phone? not just a case you put your phone into and you have to open it up to see your phone! thanks hope that makes sense!

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        • Anonymous
        • iG0
        • 22 Aug 2006

        PLEASE would someone tell me how to PASTE with this 'phone?!
        I've had two Motorolas, which I loved, prior to this E1070, but for some reason the text messaging software appears to have been completely rewritten, & unfortunately it's not for the better. Everything is now 'hidden' down several layers of sub-menus, & although I've found the 'Copy' function I cannot find the associated 'Paste'! The predictive texting has lost its brilliant feature of listing all the possible options at the bottom of the screen, & this is now another key press away. Why change such a fab' feature?? Another problem with the predictive texting is that when it starts to predict a whole phrase it gets 'lost' & freezes, which can be got out of by selecting to view the 'Msg Details'. It also seems to forget new words it has 'learnt' after only a few texts, and has a minimal dictionary to start with.
        There are also a number of other 'quirks' (aka faults) with the software, e.g. the first new contact added after the 'phone is switched on each time won't be accessible other than to delete it and enter it again - not so bad when you've worked out what is happening!
        The good point is that it has lots of memory, but overall the software is confusing (I was a software designer in a previous life so I'm qualified to comment), and has bugs in it that are unacceptable. It's a shame as I bought the 'phone because my previous Motorolas had been so good - this seems to take several steps backwards.

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          • craig41
          • pYI
          • 06 Aug 2006

          I have just purchased one of these, and i am still in the process of reading the users manual. In the mean time i have been checking to see if there is some form of protective case for it. Can anyone help please?

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            • Anonymous
            • j1U
            • 18 Jul 2006

            hahaha, great fone!