Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 review: Take two

2 July 2012
It seems that Samsung have taken it upon themselves on literally making a tablet for everyone. With all of the Galaxy Tab variants out there, the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 it seems like systematic attempt by Samsung to put a unique tablet variant in the hands of every living person on the planet...

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  • Anonymous

Pls am phone Repairer I wanted to change sim card sitting on expected one of the lag pour from interfaces how can i fine the iseee that lead to it

  • junior dhe bherry

hi am using tab will u update my phone for me

  • habibi

way my samsung galaxy tab 2 7 .0 automatic off and on
this is my problum automatic off and on

  • pat

Hi,I'm using tab . So its memory is full it can't open. What can I do to open it and is too slow . Please respond via email @

  • Anonymous

Why is it freeing

  • BigBrass

What is beat reader app for GT 2.0?

  • lanre oye

What can i do? my bluethoot is not working

  • AnonD-231238

Me123, 11 Oct 2012I have this tab for 4 months. It does support flash but if ... moreTry uc browser for flash, and download flashplayer in google

  • gill

I have bought a tab 2 a month ago, its working great , great product , no hassles , excellent usability

  • moha

Alaa tarek, 28 Jul 2013Currently I have the iphone 4s 16G,should I buy this tab or... moreI have an iPhone 4S and a galaxy tab 2 it actually works great together importing apps,music e.t.c it's amazing I recommends you to get one.

  • merry

I am going to buy this tablet but i need to know is it good or bad i cant understand

  • Len

How long does the battery last?

  • Mj & Al

I just bought tab 2 7.0 and i love it. Except the battery goes away too fast and takes too long to recharge. Otherwise happy happy happy.

  • Alaa tarek

Currently I have the iphone 4s 16G,should I buy this tab or not?if someone tried both please anawer me

  • AnonD-168516

Hi. I have a galaxy tab2. Its a good tablet. I have 2 problem when I put a sim. Whem some of my friends texted me. The text is delayed, is that normal? Why is that so? Help me please

  • AnonD-152028

FiFi, 12 Feb 2013Screen sensitivity is awful, very disappointed and cannot f... moreI agree with you! It's sucks

  • AnonD-152028

rahul, 14 Mar 2013I will purchase on this tab on 31st march...somebody tell m... moreMovie: 6 hours of on screen (non-stop)

YouTube (wi-fi): 4 hours of on screen (non stop)

Reader (PDF): a lot

Internet (wi-fi) a lot

This is all I can get your

  • AnonD-152028

Galaxy tab 2 7.0 or galaxy mega 6.3?

  • benz

is it ok to upgrade your software if there's available from my tab2 7.0,total package of 419mb.pls reply me

  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj

Nero Software run in dis tab ? For burning cds....... !? Any one knows pls tell...