Sony Xperia go review: Get out, get wet

31 July 2012
The Sony Xperia go is not a phone to keep on a short leash. Not your kind of phone either if you'd say no to a dip in the pool because you are expecting an important call. The Sony Xperia go lets you join the fun. The midrange package that Sony just brought...

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  • Anonymous

It is do vulnerable ,easy to hate!
Low battery life easy to smash screen
Ooooooooh sloooooooooow
Make me sick this phone

  • Divan

I brought a Sony XPERIA must say its a nice phone its says water proof/resistance wil I be able to go swim with my phone before I do just wana make sure coz its say 1m for 30min???? Plz if someone can tell me??

  • any news?

Hoping for Xperia Go1 soon :) great phone, needs second edition for sure

  • AnonD-219245

i want to buy this phone.. what is great this phone and what is worst? this phone is waterproof how long this in water and meter from water?

plsplspls... more info..

  • shaam

Neerock, 16 Aug 2013Can i remove its battry lik other phones i heard dat battrY... moreyeah its true friend

  • Sahah

People said xperia go is a bad smartphone. For me you just need to upgrade it to jellybean version. It is superb and better. No lagging or hang. Trust me

  • blabla

Neerock, 16 Aug 2013Can i remove its battry lik other phones i heard dat battrY... moreNo the batery cant be removed

  • AnonD-54487

Braden, 25 Jul 2013I've done some research and asked friends and family about ... morehi, its a very good smartphone i must say! i am using it for almost 4 months! very good phone! but please dont upgrade it to ics or jb! otherwise perfect midrange smartphone! go for it!

  • AnonD-54487

Neerock, 16 Aug 2013Can i remove its battry lik other phones i heard dat battrY... moreno you cant!

  • Neerock

Can i remove its battry lik other phones i heard dat battrY cnt be removed is dis true?

  • catapro

rohit, 08 Aug 2012One of the main disadvantages is mentioned as : Loudspeaker... morebelow average i'd say

  • anu

Sony xperia go very gooooood.......and we use fastest brousing but it have no front camera it has no spam

  • Braden

I've done some research and asked friends and family about this phone but i'm not sure whether or not i should buy this phone I've read some of the previous comments below but yea so what are the pros and cons and should i buy this phone?????

  • AnonD-165430

I bought the Xperia Go 2 weeks ago, and after connecting it to my PC it uploaded to the new firmware 6.2.A.1.100. It looked perfect, but ... after two days it was SLOOOOOOWWWW and almost impossible to work with it, also the battery was running very fast, 12 hours and was dead! Then I found a ROM JBeAnZ v2, I rooted the phone, installed the new ROM and WOW, perfect! I charged it last night at 9PM, I already make 65 minutes of calls today and I have 68% of battery :). If you are unhappy with the SONY firmware, please try this new ROM, its a must have !

  • Anonymous

saran, 26 Aug 2012I'm from India. . I bought this mobile two weeks before. . ... moreDust is far different from shock. When they said dust or dirt proof. Sony did not say its shockproof. My goodness you have internet access try to google what the definition of dust. So ou will leatn something you could also use a translator using your own language for better comprehensiom

  • ipfi

Can some tell me more abt this phone

  • Jpop

I purchased go just 2 days ago. and based on experience all i can say is that this is the worst phone ever! screen hangsm and heck it wont let you do ANYthing. St*pid S*ny phone/, im such a huge fan of SONY ericsson. but this one. Duh. i want my money back o_0

  • tectaltadpole

So yesterday I took the XGO to the pool.When I got back home,there was water moisture in the camera lens of the phone.When I took the cover out,the inside of it is a bit wet.After that I have difficulty charging the phone while it's still on and off.Not sure whether the phone is splash proof.

  • prassi

Jon (Swe), 15 Aug 2012cause you have an 1080p video and dont want to convert it j... moreDon't buy... don't buy. Don't buy.. don't buy.. plz. .. very worst mobile... ever in life.... always hanging..... blank out... full display.... some times freeze.... don't go for it... then.... ur wish

  • AnonD-138411

hello I have a question for xperia water proof ip take the cover on back it still ip 67 or not.