Sony Xperia neo L review: Blast from the past

11 August 2012
The Sony Xperia neo L is trying to break into an already well-populated market of affordable smartphones that give you a loud bang for your buck. It's a hotly contested game, but the neo L doesn't come unprepared. It has...

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  • Aayush

Dear GSMArena, what is a review of a handset without its battery test! Battery life has become one of the most important aspects of handsets these days that people look into. So kindly from next time, before posting a review do a full battery test of the device as well. Moreover I guess I won't be the only one, but I certainly won't purchase a mobile set unless I see its battery performance on your website. So in order to avoid any bias in mobile market do battery test of more and more devices.

  • Oflife

Glad I have an Xperia Pro. Seems a pity vendors keep dumbing down their devices and rolling out too many, rather than perfect their good models. Sony could learn from Apple. Other than being a bit slow in places, the Xperia Pro is almost perfect. camera shutter button, superb slide out keyboard, stereo audio with the video recording, even if at 720p, very good photorealistic display (better than Samsung's), very nice skin on Android 2.3. You can buy them from Sony's website for £200. Even comes with a car charger!

  • exe

the white one looks better.

  • AnonD-58198

so buy the older neo